Alternatives to GAzz

Since the Gazz seems destined for the MUni Hall of Fame, then lets set up a list of alternatives for future reference.

List here the alternatives for a Gazz size 24" x 3.0 tire.

UDC carries these as seen here

  1. Duro Wildlife Leopard - still available at
    this tire has been discontinued and UDC and Bedford Unicycles still carry it.

  2. Arrow Racing Wide Bite - The model that UDC carries is a different tire than the one now made by Arrow Racing. I talked with Arrow racing on Monday and the tires they offer in this size have all been redesigned. Check their website

3.The Kujo

I know there are others out there. Feel free to share riding impressions and where you can get them.

Re: Alternatives to GAzz

What? Has that tyre been discontinued as well? Shocking! That was/is the most direct competitor to the Gazz 24 x 3, I think. Is it also discontinued in its guise as Halo Contra Identiti?

Klaas Bil

super fatt tyes are the scurge of balance and must be quelled.

I’ve got a Halo Contra on mine. It came on my UDC max traction from UDC UK.

As I’ve not really ridden many other 24x3 tyres that much then I can’t really comment on how it compares. It does roll over things so well. Very impressed with it.

Gazz 26" x 2.6", for extra air off jumps and higher speed on the trails. Okay you need to upgrade your rim, spokes etc. but 26" tyres are much easier to get and less likely to be discontinued.


There is a list of ty/ires on, it is a bit dated and dont know if they all exist still.

I great alternative to the Gazz3.0 if you really love the Gazzi’s is simply to go with a Gazz 24x2.6…I promise you won’t notice the difference (other than shedding some weight).

No need to use something else…
Go for the biggest and best, the 24x3 Gazz !!!

Bedford Unicycles has stock on them…
but might not for long. Get yours today !


Order now and pick-up in Ohio at NAUCC if you
are not in a rush to get it. No shipping that way.

i disagree that you won’t notice the 24x2.6 difference. i ride that and i notice a huge difference when i step up to a 24x3. much more cushioning on landings, better spring on hops, slightly better traction basically everywhere. it’s a good alternative, but it isn’t the same.

what’s going to be on the MUni’s from unicycledotcom that originally came with the Gazza as the stock tire?

You missed an important entry–the Intense 24x3.0 DH tire. I ride a 2002 model with comp 60 tread. They are equal to or better than the gazz (in my opinion, of course) in every respect except skinny riding, in which they are slightly deficient.

I am so buying a kujo it has to be the nicest tire I have seen

LOL you people make me laugh everyone is so scared that they are stoping the production of gazzs but they are not . I just whent on their website and they have new styles of gazzs her eis the website

like there is 6 styles of gazzoldi and yes they will be distributing in North America i checked that too.

What is it that you like about the Intense tire compared to the Gazz? Is it better turning? Better traction? Better bounce? Better cush?

How wide is it when mounted on the rim?
The Gazz 24x3 comes to 70mm (2.75") for the outside casing width (ignoring the knobs) when mounted on a DX32 rim.

Yes, but there is no 24x3 Gazzaloddi listed:
DH tire specs
They’ve got the 26x3 and 24x2.6 but no 24x3.

Did you read the specs???
The only 24" tire listed is the 24 x 2.6 Gazzaloddi Jr.
There was NOT a 24 x 3 tire on their website :thinking: :wink:

they obviously dont need to make one anymore because not enought dh riders are running 24" tyres

Those wimps.

You have to remember that dh is all about getting down the mountain the fastest. so using a 26" tire is better than a 24" because you are able to role over verything easier thats why