alternative "trick" unis?

Hi all,

I’m in the market for a good unicycle I can learn tricks on. Obviously a 20" or something like that is in order, and I think I might get the Semcycles XL. But I am wondering if other types of unis can serve well for this and also serve other purposes.

Like munis, can I learn to wheel walk, ride backwards, etc etc as easily on a muni as on a standard 20"? Living in West Virginia I’d love to get a muni, but I’m not sure I can swing owning three unis at the moment. Not to mention going muni ups the cost pretty significantly.

What about trial unicycles?

And what is the deal with the Semcycle XL 12" and 16"? That one seems like the odd duckling.

All I own right now is a Coker. And I surely love riding it and all, but it’s just a little unweildy for playing around on.


The Semcycle XL is a pretty darn good uni for learning those tricks. Put a knobby 20" tire on it and you can start learning off-road. Get the wider frame so there’s room for the knobby.

Learning those tricks is harder on a MUni. I was trying to learn some of them on my 26" MUni and finally got a 20", whcih helped a lot.

One alternative would be the Torker Unistar DX. This one is under the freestyle category, but has a splined hub, allows a 2.3"? tire, and comes with a Kris Holm seat. I don’t have one, but I’ve heard that it would make a good freestyle/ trials hybrid.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I saw so many nods for the Semcycle in here that I went ahead and grabbed it. I got the long necked one. Can’t wait till it gets here, I bent my coker’s crank today trying to go down a flight of stairs :slight_smile: And with that I think I’ve officially relegated the coker to cruising only.