alternative to DX32 in 26"?

I am considering getting a new 26" MUni to replace the 26 that I currently own. I was wondering if there were any good wide alternatives to the Alex DX32 rim.

I run a 3" Gazz and love the tire but it tends to fold if I don’t land a drop quite right and even for far side-hops. I know that I can just increase my pressure more but what can i say, I like a big pliable tire to cushion landings and smooth things out.

Some options I came up with are Sun Doublewide, Try-all drilled trials, Onza hog drilled, and ofcorse the widest of all, that Marge.

The try-all rim doesn’t look to bad to me, I would tape over the holes to keep the crud out so it wouldn’t be the prettiest but I’m looking for wide, light and cheap.

Any other suggestions out there?

I weigh about 165lbs the highest drops I do are about 1.3m, I have wrecked three sets of cheep square taper cranks but my rim is still in perfect shape.

It’s not particularly cheap but the 26" Large Marge from Surly is a great rim. Strong and wide.

26" is the most commonly available size of rim as most b*ikes come with 26" rims so there should be loads of choice.


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Check here. Have fun :slight_smile: E-Mail them, they can most likely get some of those rims in 36h also.

I just received a 26" Echo 46mm rear rim from HB trials. Hugo did not have any 36 hole rims in stock so I asked him to order the Echo for me. They are supposedly much stronger than the Try All rims and cheeper at the same time.

Can’t wait to get the new wheel built up.

Hugo ordered a few rims so if anyone else wants to upgrade their 26" Muni he would be the one to call. Echo only makes the 36 hole version in black.