Alternative SS Coker Spokes

I was looking at the Rideable bicycle replica web site and saw that they offer SS spokes from 2 1/2" to 47 3/4" you have to call for prices at 510-769-0980 I have not done this because I just built my coker with Tommi Miller TUF spokes. I just thought I would put this information out there. I know there is a limited supply of TUF spokes and they are pretty pricy. They are offered in .105, .120, and .125 thousandths I don’t know how this compares to 14 or12 gauge but .125 I think is eighth inch.

Right you are T-rider, about .125 being 1/8". Your post did get me to wondering about spoke gauge. I always assumed that it was equivalent to AWG, or American Wire Gauge. But I did a little searching on the internet and and that’s not the case. I just built a 29" wheel using 14 ga. spokes. I found a few websites that say 14 ga. = 2.0 mm or about .078", 15 ga. = 1.8 mm or about .070". These are kind of the standard spoke sizes as far as I can tell. The sizes you listed are absolutely huge. Maybe they’re necessary for the giant wheels that RBR builds (by the way, their website is worth checking out.
they make awesome hi-wheel bikes and even 48" and 52" unicycles).

Anyway, it just got me curious about spoke gauge. Does anybody know the definitive answer?

Spokes are measured using the British Standard Wire Gauge system

14 gauge = 0.0800"
15 gauge = 0.0720"

More here

It sounds like the spokes in question are roughly 12, 11 and 10 gauge respectively


I’ve called and talked to him in the past. I definitely think these would be good spokes for a Coker wheel. If I remember correctly price was near $2.00 a spoke.

Out of curiousity, how much does a Tom Miller spoke cost, if these are cheap at 2$? wow.

I bought forty from TUF and it cost $130 so $3.25 each and they were 14 gauge. Stock coker spokes are 12 gauge and not stainless steel and are $1 each so I think $2 isn’t bad for SS and the .105 would be better than stock because they won’t rust.

Oh yeah I also had to buy nipples from sem cycle seperate for $5 so total cost per spoke was 3.37