Alternative Method for Mounting Hs-33 lever

Well, since I’m very near completing a muni frame that can accept brakes, i thought it might be wise to begin thinking about how to mount my hs-33.

There were two major requirements that this mounting had to fufill. Firstly, it had to be easily actuated by 1 finger, even when pulling up hard on the seat. Secondly, the brake lever and other related compnents had to be protected from impact. At CMW this year I saw 3 or four brakes break, including 1 or two levers. Another, less important objective was that I wanted the mountiung to be relatively light. I didn’t have a wilder rail adapter or any extra bar ends, and I didn’t want to for over the cash for them, so I just started playing around. I noticed that my brake fits well onto my seatpost, so I looked around at that. Finally, I decided that I would mount the brake lever to the seatpost and have it facing back, near the valve for my airseat. I would have a little loop attached to some string attached to the lever that I would use for brake actuation. Here’s a picture of the position of the brake laver under my seat.

Here’s a view of the loop where my finger goes:

so you pull on a string from the front? and the brake lever is facing back? waht is the duck tape for

and another…

ohhhh thats cool ahahahh does it jsut hang there when your not using the brake?

The duct tape is completely unrelated to the brake. It’s for holding the seatcover and padding for seat out together. Yes, the lever faces backwards and you pull the lever with a string attached to a loop.

Thinking out of the box again, Bevan?

Consider replacing the string and loop with a one piece rod or stiff wire. You could support it off of a guide attached to one of the seat post bolts. Might be easier than supporting the string setup.


Yeah, I’m thinking outside of the box. or being cheap, whcihever you want. This whole setup cost me $70.00. $70 for the brake, the rest was free.

Actually, the loop is a piece of 1/4" aluminum wire that’s about 4 inches long, including the loops at both ends. I used that for the exact reason that you mentioned. I just haven’t gotten around to assembling and installing the said mount.

how hard do you have to pull that wire to have the brake work well enough? and does that metal ever get uncomforatble?

Re: Alternative Method for Mounting Hs-33 lever

that is so innovative. thats an owsome and cheap way to deal with a problem. good for you

Looks great, a friend of mine mentioned this idea to me a while ago and I’ve been keen to see how it goes.

Have you considered fixing the string to the end of the lever for more braking power? Or would that mean you’d have to pull the string uncomfortably far? How will the loop for your finger be held in place when you’re not braking? Have you test ridden it? Is it easy to find the loop when you need to suddenly brake?

Very interesting, let us know how it turns out. I don’t think that setup would suit my braking action. I’m more suited to the more upwards pull of the lever, especially when not sitting down.


Again, I don’t have a frame to mount the brake in, so I can’t really test it yet. I didn’t fix the string to the end of the lever for the exact reason that you mentioned. I can’t imagine needing very more power than that setup provides. The loop will be loosely be held by a hook hanging from a seat handle bolt.

I think that upward pulling is ideal, but i don’t think any of the current setups are engineered correctly, and I think the handle is too far from the base. When I get the chance to fabricate a better rail adaptor, I intend to do a new brake setup that’s lighter than a wilder and better. But this should do for now.

Sounds great.

that’s gotta be the most ghetto thing I have ever seen!!! rock on… :wink: