Alternative Inner Tubes?

I’ve been using the tube that came with my QuAx for just over 2 months and today it eventually punctured just through general wear and tear I guess. I’d ordered one of the 20" Trials tubes from as a spare but it didn’t seem quite as meaty as the original, and when I put it in a few hours back I managed to burst it taking a drop from a wall. When I landed it just blew up. Granted it was a big drop, but I’d taken bigger with the old tube. It was inflated so that I could make a tiny imprint if I pushed hard against the tyre with my thumb. Am I running it at too low/high pressure? I don’t have a gaugey thing so I can’t tell. And are there any other trials tubes people can recommend? It’d be great if anyone knows where I can buy the same kind of tube that comes with stock Qu-Axs?

Well, you can always patch the hole on the stock Qu-Ax tube…

And it does sound like you’re running at too high a pressure. I usually get it to the point where when I’m on it, I can see it squishing to the sides a lot.