Also for sale, KH/ONZA 2006 Hub/Crank/Rim

This is the old wheel build for the 2006 KH trials unicycles. It has the KH/Onza hub and the 140mm cranks, all fixed up to the 2006 KH 19" trials rim (as now found on the nimbus trials uni’s I think)

All this can be your for £65 including p&p.

Rim has been stripped of the black, and cranks are obviously a bit scratched up but everything works fine. The large spacers that came with hub/cranks have been replaced by some other spacers now.

UK only sale (sorry folks)



Ignore masking tape i was gonna respray rim but aren’t now cos I have new rim.

I give you $45.00 and I will pay shipping and handling to Canada myself???
Let me know. Thanks

Sorry, I meant 45 pound, I don’t have that symbol on my keyboard…