Alps Tour Publicity

10 of us are going to do a big tour in the Alps later this summer (see for more info). Our local newspaper, The Los Gatos Times, stumbled on the website when searching around for interesting things to write about, so they sent out a writer and photopgrapher to talk to us a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the article called “Crossing the Alps using one-wheel drive”.

Even though there are a number of slight inaccuracies and grammatical mistakes, I like the article ok. Tonight when riding from home, the first 2 drivers we saw yelled out the window how much they liked reading it. So I guess almost any publicity for Unicycling tours is good publicity.


Nice article, Nathan! I’ve received lots of comments from people locally after the article in the Norwich Bulletin.

Re: Alps Tour Publicity

nathan wrote:
> (
> Even though there are a number of slight inaccuracies

“fellow unicyclists have ridden through such countries as … Europe”


Not bad otherwise, though.

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