Aloha from Hawaii

Hi guys and gals!

Just wanted to say to everyone on these forums and introduce myself. I was really happy to find this site on the web recently, even though I have been Unicycling for some 7 odd years. I go to the university of hawaii at manoa and have an old 20 inch Savage unicycle. Tire is wearing badly on where I idle so I think I am in for a new tire. I learned how to ride with my friends uni, I told him that if I learnd how to ride it in a week, I would buy one. So I did… and I did. LOL. Well that is about it, look forward to reading and responding to everyone. :slight_smile:

Welcome racingnismo to this site. Have a look at this thread on Tire Rotation
Otherwise you will have to buy a new tire. There are other’s will follow soon as possible for their advice. Welcome mate and I hope to read some of your Threads to come. Cheers.



Finally someone else in Hawaii is on this forum.

I am a Student at HCC, but I work at UHM. I have been riding for about a year and a half and currently own a few torkers and a Summit Trials.

I have a couple friends who also ride. We must get together some time to ride.

Post here or email me when you get a chance. My addy is
fingerpies (at) yahoo (dot) com


P.S. You don’t happen to drive a 240sx with monster exhaust and sylvia sticker do you?

Hey djm thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

ALRIGHT!!! Cool someone in Hawaii! Daniel, yeah we should go meet up sometime. It’d be cool. My address is I will get an email out to you soon.


ps- nopes I don’t drive a 240, something with a little less power LOL. I got an old sentra. But I do have a fat exhaust tip on it. Hehehee.:wink:

There’s another guy who unicycles in Hawaii (O’ahu), or used to, I haven’t talked to him in quite some time. His name is Layne and he was attending the University of Hawaii as well.

Here are some pictures from a ride a couple years ago there:

I definitely hope to go back there soon and explore some of the other islands.


So you are that Carl!!!
I know Layne, in fact I saw him today! He works at The Bike Shop. He was telling me about a Carl from Canada that he went riding with at UH. He was quite impressed by your riding, and I was quite impressed by the stories he would tell me. I haven’t had a chance to go riding with him yet. He just got a Yuni frame to replace his busted POS lollypoper. He’s a real good guy, and I go to him for most of my uni needs.

It’s so exciting to meet people here, or in this case, make connections to people I already know.


I think that I might have met Layne, too. The Bike Shop was doing a little advertising tent sale at campus center and he had two unis out in front. He let me ride both of them, one was a 20 incher, and the other was a 24. Took me several tries to mount the 24 incher cause I never ridin one of them before. but yeah, he said taht he off-roads and does all kinds of crazy stuff with them. I think his name was Layne, I have his business card at home, I got to check.

I want to get a 24 incher for cruising, is the torker good enough? It is the cheapest, right??? What kind if uni’s does the Bike Shop sell?

Welcome Racingnismo! Looks like you have already made some great contacts. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I.

One wheeling stateside, in Tennessee. --chirokid–

I have a Black Torker. Its a grat uni for cruisin. I put a set of 127 cranks on it to increase the speed. If you aren’t planning to do anything crazy on it I’d go for it. If you are going to do any MUni or stuff like that, you will want a more serious uni. The Black Torker is a great balance of quality and low cost. I wouldn’t get anything cheaper.

The bike shop does sell the Black Torker. Another bike shop here also carries the Black Torker, email me if you are planning on getting it.


Hi Daniel,

Assuming I’m back on my muni in March/April (after a surgery) I’ll be bringing my MUni this time to Hawaii. Those trails on the North Shore look like a lot of fun and better riding than Kaena Point so I want to have a go at them. Thanks for sharing the photo’s muni_guy!

Maybe we can have a small uni meet at the North Shore in March or April. I don’t really know what my plans are yet but I’ll email you again when the date is nearer. It seems like it could be a lot of fun. Maybe by then your cousin will be riding. He and King Muni-Man could ride together on their 16" wonders… That would be a hoot!