almost there just a bit of help

i have almost learned how to static mount i just need a little bit of help, i can get on the peddle just fine every time but as soon as i do i fall off to the left, i do this because that is the side my second foot is going on the peddle, could some one please help me?
thanks to everyone who replys

I think you need to just go out and practice more. Just keep trying to get on - when you’re almost there, trying over and over again is most often the best way to get something down. Usually there are a few good hints for getting started, but you won’t pick up most things from just advice.

Practice practice practice!

edit: whee my first double post.

ps. - it’s ‘pedal’ :smiley:


I have worked with my daughter on this, and so I’ll try to offer what I tell her.

The uni needs to be point straight ahead before you begin the mount, not laying partially sideways beneath you. If you want to ride straight, point the uni straight.

Hold the uni close to your crotch very firmly with one hand, and hold the other hand out in the air. I always tell her to pretend to hug a large tree just above her shoulders when she rides – it helps her balance – so I say, “hug your tree” with one hand when you mount.

You don’t push down, at least not hard, so much as step up. If the wheel doesn’t spin backwards very much, that’s a good thing in my opinion.

As soon as you’re upright, hug your big tree with the other hand, lean just a little forward, and pedal.

Rinse. Repeat.