Almost-not-credible news: A northshore and trials park 2 minutes away!

Read this email I just sent off…

"Hi Gillian,

I just heard from a friend at yesterday’s downhill and trials competition in Kooralbyn (Tim Mullaly who you may have approached about the trials side of things?) that you’re working on a some northshore and trials structures at Blue Nurses in Ashgrove.

I live in The Gap, 2 minutes away, and ride both trials on my unicycle (lots) and northshore on my bike and mountain unicycle (I’m the one who sent you the photo unicycling on Mt Cootha for your booklet a while back). I’d be really keen to help out in any way I can…helping out with the building/planning of the trials obstacles maybe, if you’d like the help.

I know almost nothing about your plans for the project, but the idea is really exciting. I was very disappointed to never have the chance to ride at the MTB Park that was opened and closed a while back. I’ve dreamed about a public trials park for months now and I got quite a few ideas for lines that I think would be suitable for all skill levels and that would hopefully allow even the most elite riders to continually be creative and push their limits.

So I’d be glad to help out in any way, and if nothing else I’d love to know more about the project.

Thanks so much for giving us Brisbane riders this opportunity, and also for your great work on the “Where to Mountain Bike” guide.

Andrew Carter"


…I really hope this project goes ahead and I’m able to help design some of the lines. I’ve got some fantastic ones thought out!


That sounds amazingly cool!

Would another place fit better where andrew could work on?

No :).

Update: things are still looking good…

"> It seems quite possible that BCC will agree to it as the flat
> area where the jumps and the dog area are used to be a dump. So the
> conservation issues shouldn’t get in the way.

Are the BCC the only ones you have to get permission from?

> Over Xmas I had a look and late Jan spoke to Richard Lyons who has a mobile
> NS display. His idea was one long (100-150m) raised track.

I konw Richard and his son, and I’ve done a northshore demo on his mobile course…it’s great. Was he thinking of having several spots on the one long track for people to enter/exit at? That way you could more easily isolate sections of higher/lower difficulty.

> The only playgrounds I’ve seen have several single obstacles which can be
> played on individually or linked together. I think more people could use
> this at one time. And I was thinking of both trials and NS in the design.

So would there be separate obstacles in the area specifically for trials riding? I think this would really be needed given the big differences in the two styles of riding and the bikes you ride for each.

> I’d really like to find out more about your ideas. I could come over to
> your place when convenient if that’s the best way to see drawings, photos
> etc

I have a scanner here I can use, so how about I draw up some sketches tonight and email them to you?

> Let me know your phone numbers or phone me on 3378 4606 anytime.

Mobile - 0423 516 982
Home - 3300 5471

> I’m also going to Victoria in March and hope to take more photos of MTB
> parks there.

How big is the area we have to work in? Is it all flat? Is it that roughly triangular clear area between the dog park and the jumps? I’ll start jotting down my ideas. For now though, here are a couple from

I’ll get back to you soon with some scanned sketches.

Thanks for the info and for all the effort you’ve put in.


GOOD for you man it took B.C’s trials community along time to get a trials park but we did finally get one. Well i hope your whole thing goes well

Excellent, any tips for me? You don’t have any photos do you? Photos would be perfect both for design ideas, and also to show the local council that it has been done successfully before. I didn’t know trials parks even existed!


Sorry i dont have any pics but just keep on pushing for it and o anything for it just dont give some one will listen

No worries.


I’ll try not to get too excited and annoy everyone here by posting every email I send off, but I’ve found some free materials…

"Hi Gillian,

I’ve just called up Le Hua (0403 538 438 if you want to ring him) from
the Brisbane Bike Trials club…great news.

He’s given me a few ideas for beginner lines suitable for all bikes
and all skill levels. More importantly though, he’s given me sources
for cheap/free materials.

He has some big wooden logs at his house that he is willing to donate
if somebody can pick them up…
1000 diameter, 5000 long (x1)
700 diameter, 4000 long (x2) - one it cut in two directly down the middle
400 diameter, 2500 long (x4)
300 diameter, 7000 long (x1)
He also has some bits of steel lying around that he reckons would be
perfect as skinnies.

The suggestions he made for beginner sections (he doesn’t trials couching) were:

  • A wall that increases in height from about 100 to 1200 for people
    to hop up onto/drop off. You said we could probably use the sloped
    part of the area, so maybe that could go there and have it dug into
    the ground.
  • Logs ground level with varying gapping distances between them
  • Small cement blocks for beginners to ride/hop over.
  • A set of stairs to hop up.

Some other things he said would really work well were:

  • A rock garden. I really agree with this one, in rock gardens
    riders can pick a HUGE number of different lines suiting their skill
    level. It can accommodate a rider of almost any skill level. Richard
    Kent of the Brisbane Bike Trials Club may be able to give us the name
    of a quarry that will give us free rocks and deliver them anywhere in
    Brisbane for free, providing you put up some sort of advertising for
    them. Le said there would be lots of places willing to do something
    similar. He reckons you could get about the area of three cars side
    by side for free and you’d just dump them somewhere, move them around
    a little if need be, and cement them in.
  • Earth moving tyres. These are great for more advanced riders, yet
    still safe as the beginner riders won’t have the skills to get up on
    them. I’ll do some sketches to show how they would be used.
    “Marathon Tyres” will apparently give them away for free.
  • 44 gallon drums are very popular in the trials world, and you could
    probably track down some free ones. They can be used on their ends,
    or fixed in place lying down. “Fuch Oil” may apparently have some to
    give away.

That’s about all for now…I’ll try to do some sketches tonight but
I’m playing indoor soccer so I may have to leave them for tomorrow

I hope that helps,

My sketches…

Hi Gillian,

I have a few sketches for you, but first a few responses…

> I like the xomparison with kid’s playgrounds because BCC have built that
> stuff before and can relate to it. I see exactly what you mean when you say
> that you actually ride stuff that kids walk on. Oppy had this perspective
> too.

I’ve tried to incorporate this into the ideas I’ve had.

> A filter is a good idea to keep in mind. As far as construction goes, if
> the tread is more than 1 metre off the ground then it has to have a handrail
> - walking track specifications, probably even playground equipment specs.
> As we don’t want handrail, stuff will have to stay below 1m.

Sounds good to me…all of these lines are 1m maximum height.

> I walked and rode around Hilltop a few times. There were see saws, wide low
> planks, high skinny ones, ladder-type raised tracks, launching platforms for
> ‘hucking’ and so on. The first three should definitely be included at Blue
> Nurses.

Sounds great, who’s going to be designing the northshore structures? I have some photos of Richard’s setup if you/other designers would like ot see them.

Now on to the sketches…

The idea I had in my mind for all of these was to make sections that offer as wide a range of lines as possible for different skill levels. I haven’t really thought about layout of the area in general or anything like that. I also haven’t sketched the wall I mentioned in a previous email, the rock garden, or the ground-level raw beginner obstacles. In all of these sketches there are far more possible lines than I’ve noted.

“Earth Moving Tyres”
I think these are nice, because you can set three up as illustrated and have a line with a pretty big gap in it without there being any sharp edges for riders to hurt themselves on. These have a very different feel to most other obstacles and add a nice variety to a park, and trials bike riders seem to really like playing on tyres. Le suggested this section to me. Beginners can do the 40cm or so hop/roll up onto the lower flat one, raw beginners can play around with getting just the front or back wheel up there. Kids (not riding) would have fun on them. Intermediate to expert riders can make their way over the other two tyres in a big variety of ways. I’ve seen people doing heaps of interesting lines on a similar setup and really enjoying it. Le suggested that the angled tyre is attached securely to the flat one, all the holes are boarded up, and the upright one is dug 1/3 of the way into the ground.

“Gapping Beams”
The rungs of these (probably about 50mm wide, and 2m long) are spaced a bit over 50cm apart. The wheel base of both 20" and 26" trials bikes is about 1.05m, so this way, the less confident riders can hop 50cm at a time, with their wheels sitting securely on the rungs the whole time. More advanced riders can do the 1.05m gaps, or do the section on the back wheel. As well as this, they can try 180’s between them landing parallel to the rungs, gapping them backwards, and all sorts of fun lines. The obstacle is 300mm off the ground, so riders can push themselves as far as they like without risking injury.

“Metal Gapping Bars”
An intermediate to expert line, with the gaps at the length of the wheelbase, so riders can do the line with one or two wheels down, or even gapping parallel to the bars.

“Multi-use Platform”
Stairs down one wide side for beginners, and even people not on trials bikes. A small kicker in the foreground of the sketch so people can either hop straight up (expert) or get a small launch (intermediate). Round wooden logs on the left to gap up to the platform, these are on an incline. And finally, two skinnies - one easy, one more difficult…both low to the ground (1m at the top). I was thinking the Metal Gapping Bars could be placed behind the left hand wooden logs in the picture and up to the skinny to save space. Another line is to ride the narrow low skinny where it has just turned 90 degrees, then gap to the wide one. Other fun lines might include launching off the kicker onto the platform, landing on the front wheel while swinging the back around, and riding down the stair backwards…there are lots of possibilities. Riders of all skill levels would be able to be creating on this section. Maybe beginners could hop up the stairs, then drop either straight off or onto the kicker as a down ramp.

“Post Gaps”
I like this section, because it’s very simple, cheap, and doesn’t take up much room. This can provide a challenge from raw beginners (getting one wheel up onto one of the low posts) to experts. There’s a top view in the sketch as marked with the post heights noted. I think the way they are laid out, beginner to intermediate riders could try getting up over any of the posts in that top line and choose their height. Others could try linking them together into a more challenging line. The ones in the bottom right of the top view are scattered and spaced so that one really fun line for advanced riders would be to hop up that way, with both wheels down, for example… Front wheel on A, back on ground > front on B, back on A > front on C, back on B, etc. I think this is a very versatile section.

“Scattered Stumps”
This woud be very cheap, not take up much room, provide seating for spectators, and offer lines to riders from beginner to expert. Picture riders gapping between them with one wheel down, both down, doing 180’s between them, flicking the front or back wheel around from one to another, and beginners just riding over them.

“Seat Line”
I thought it might be nice to merge a seat and trials line together. Trials riders are always hopping on seats like these, and provided they are built strong enough I can think of about 10 very different lines for this one…but spectators could also use it as what it is - a seat. Like in any parks, there will often be only parents and their children playing around there and no riders and in these times this would be put to good use as well as when riders want to play on it. I put two levels of logs in there as a ncie skinny ride that drops down or steps up, but also so beginners can play around on the low one. For the materials of the skinnies I was picturing exactly what they have surrounding parks all over the place.

“Zig-Zag Log Ride”
I got this one from Ryan Leech’s movie “Manifesto” (he’s a brilliant trials rider). Riders could try riding along the winding line, or gapping between them on the angles. Beginners could try riding over the log perpendicular to it, or just ride along it for as far as they can before coming off. It’s only about 300mm high. Maybe there should be a little ramp up to one end of it for beginners to get on easily.

So that’s what I’ve been thinking. And as I said, those other ones (wall, rock garden, and ground level gaps) I haven’t sketched.

What are your thoughts?


The images…

Here are the images I sent to her… - Look at the end of the album.


Re: The images…

I wish there would be other trials riders where i live-bike or uni.:frowning:

that multi-purpose platform looks cool…Im going to start making more stuff like that now that i have more wood.