[Almost] new set of 7 Dube 2.5" silicones for sale

As I’m sure there are a lot of jugglers here as well—

I have a set of nearly brand new White, 2.5" Dube Silicones I’m

They still have the original shine on them, no knicks or scratches.

I’m interested in changing colors, and hope I can find a buyer.

I bought them for $37/ball, times 7 balls, equals $259 total.

I would like to get $200 for these (this would include shipping). I
can be flexible with price, but really want to stay close to this
price. They are practically brand new.

Please only sales within U.S.

Contact me if interested.



What’re silicones?

Really good juggling balls.

A number of vendors sell them, but have a look at the Dube site.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

For bounce juggling, they’re the creme de la creme. They’re like buttah…

they are SOOOOO nice… and Jason, I might know a potential buyer (another professional juggler that I perform with that actually has a decent 7-ball cascade AND can do 5 ball bounce juggling) i’ll speak with him at our show tomorrow night and see if he’s interested

Re: [Almost] new set of 7 Dube 2.5" silicones for sale

Ah Jason, interesting to see you posting here… and just after I tossed up my own sillies ad on rec.juggling…LOL. Well out of respect I won’t mention my goodies on this board right now so that you can have first dibs at any potential buyers.:slight_smile:

BTW, why restrict your sales to the States…? If you let the buyer pay shipping you can really increase your market (there are many unicyclists here from many different countries and many of them are indeed jugglers as well)… just a thought.


I DO have a potential buyer for those balls, if you shoot me a PM with a way to contact you, i’ll get it to him and let the two of you work it out