Almost New KH Schlumpf Hub (Currently in Brazil!)


A Brazilian Unicycling enthusiast bought some weeks ago a KH29 with Schlumpf hub. He’s quite new to unicycling and after riding it 3 or 4 times decided to sell it, since it’s too different and he’s focused on learning skills on the standart 29!

So he will seel the hub! It’s almost new! He doesn’t ride hard, I believe he just used it on flat ground!

There aren’t any scratches or damage! It’s almost new! Pictures are coming tomorrow!

We’re accepting offers. We can provide you the shipping costs if you sen me your addres.

Make an offer, we calculate the shipping and I’m pretty sure that you can get a nice deal!

He’ll ship the hub, tools that comes with it and oil for the next maintenance!

Picture will be here tomorrow!

If you’re interested, contact me and I will answer everything. Fell free to add me on MSN or Skype, I’m always online!

I’m posting just to help him, cause he already got a 2009 KH std Hub and have the Schlumpf on a box in his house! And is pretty hard to sell it here, since it’s REALLY expensive and there aren’t many Muni riders around!

To close the deal (payment or all this stuff) I must ask him. I will get his email too and post here!

My email is:

Now make a fair offer!

Pedro Tejada!

check your pm’s. thanks,

I put in e-bay this Schlumpf Hub .

The link is :



Sold baby!:smiley: