almost new 26' Torker $65: A good deal?

I am getting my second uni from craigslist. (after my Coker)
Person claims he got one for novelty and don’t know how to ride it, so he’s selling it. He will sell to me for $65. Is that a good deal?

Depends on what kind of Torker, but probably not. Maybee if it’s a TX.

If it’s an LX, I’d try to talk him down more, depending on how used it is.

A CX retails for about that much, and I wouldn’t recomend that uni to anyone unless they were like 7.

Edit: I didn’t read the heading right. The only 26" Torker makes is the LX.

I’d buy an LX for 65. Hell, I’m about to try and sell my old 26" yuni for $100 and I’m not even going to include the seat or seatpost.