Almost getting 100cm...

Today i almost hopped up 100cm but i got scared and jumped off

Wow nice. My best is still 95’’ but I haven’t tried anything higher because I can’t find a ledge 100 and I don’t have enough pallets…
Looks like you were a bit off balance anyways…but I couldn’t really tell. Did you try anymore times after that…cause you could easily get it and stay it looked like…

yeh i got 96cm quite easily which is 1 less of those concrete slabs.I started to get tired and all my attempts after that werent that good.Im sure ill get it soon


I got 95cm on video past week! I will post it next week, it’s part of my video!

Now, Guilherme and I have soem space to put pallets close to our houses. I believe that I can get 1 meter in 2 days…

lol cool :p.It seems alot more people can hop above 90cm nowadays.It must be fabian and joe showing us whats possible to hop

I got 2 pellets on padst3rs uni

There is a bike trials rider on our forums >.<

Damn close mike.

Yeah and whats wrong with that?

:smiley: nothing is too wrong as long as you only ever use your back wheel, or you could just upgrade to a unicycle.:smiley:

Nothing patrick.

nice! that looks so easy. what psi do you have?

Yea what psi and how much do you weigh

where do you get concrete slabs like that? cause that’d be sick.

I dont know how much i weigh and i dont know my psi lol.Im going to get a new bike pump soon so i can see what psi i like best

The concrete slabs are dumped by the council in an area which is unused.We had a trials comp held there and we sometimes climb over the fence to ride all the stuff.Its got concrete slabs,Huge concrete pipes and lots of rocks.The main problem with the slabs is theyre really heavy.