almost GB handle user...any tips?

So…I can see the endurance rides on the Coker staying more comfortable for longer now that the handle is en route.

Any advice from users?

Do you only put your weight on these when you need to take weight off the painfull areas?

Do you switch between seated and raised up riding on a regular basis to prevent the onset of discomfort as best you can?

Do you take some of the wieght with your arms everytime you aren’t flopping your arms, or are otherwise using them?

Can you fit a brake to this setup, or do you need a seperate brakemount, like from a rail adapter?

do you get tangled up and do a UPD/Crash transition?


Obviously you don’t know how to use those handlebars. Seems like a waste of money if you ask me. Send them to me and I’ll reimburse you and you’ll be wiser, but not poorer. I’m here to help in any way I can. :smiley:

Oh no! I’m starting to sound like chirokid! I’m sure that will get a response!

I’m envious sofa. And looking forward to seeing the responses to your post. Enjoy the bars!

Bill “I want bars too” Hamilton

Do your hands slip out behind you and push yourself forward when you extend your arms back on these handles?

Aren’t they used to balance the Unicycle when it’s upside down while you work on the tire?

Re: almost GB handle user…any tips?

Sofa, you’re a vet rider and you’ll figure it out very soon after having the handle mounted. That said, I’ll give my opinion having done 300 miles or so with one form or another of the GB handle.
Q1: I only put real weight on the handle when trying to get weight off my crotch, but I tend to keep a grip on the handle with at least one of my hands pretty much constantly. When you are going for speed, holding a light pull on the handle just helps you stay in better touch with the uni as you get your rhythm going. (Will also help if your tire does that snakey thing it’s famous for)
Q2: Yup, although I’m still not great at riding for extended periods with weight being put on the handles. I tend to use them to get up and adjust for a few seconds at a time.
Q3: Not so much. I use the handle a lot, but more to pull on than to push on. A light pull seems to keep me better synched with the uni, and also keeps feet from flying when you hit the odd bump.
Q4: I have a brake on mine, but it’s on the new extended GB handle, not the standard one. Hopefully GB or U-Turn will chime in on how you can mount one with the standard GB handle.
Q5: I crash frontward all the time :smiley: and the handle has simply never been an issue. Maybe it is because I usually have a hand on it, so when I go forward it’s easy to just push it down. But in any case, I doubt you’ll have a problem.

is a gb handle significantly better than a kinport handle for trials/muni?

The GB is really more of a “road” handle than a trail handle, and the hand position–in my view–isn’t really conducive to trials/muni. The “Y” shape allows you to use both hands to push your weight OFF the seat, something you want to be able to do in distance road riding. For muni, you really don’t need the extra part…one hand on the handle is sufficient, so your other is free for balance activities.

So the net is, I’d say don’t compare them. They’re really meant for different applications. Although if you must compare them, I’d look at it from the other direction. Is the GB handle sifnificantly better than a kinport for Coker riding? Yes. Is a Kinport better for trials/muni? Yes.



ah crap i was talking about the reeder, not the gb. my bad. i’ll put that in another thread, then. oops.

edit- or not… i rode my friend’s trials cycle with kinport handle and it was really, really nice. no real need for a reeder.

Dimensions of GB Handles

Could someone measure a GB Handle for me?
I just got a welder and would like to make my own from a child’s bicycle handle.


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I’m not sure if you are missing my humor or if I’m missing yours. :thinking:

Hope you enjoy your new uni cockpit. Keep us posted on what you learn as you settle in with these bars. I’m sure you’ll have few bits of info that I’ll find useful.