almost forgot how to unicycle?

I usually ride 20inchers and a 24inch muni. I spent a week only 36ering (for my first time), then just now I needed a fix of a 20incher, and it felt like I was a beginner again (I’ve been riding for like 5 years!!)

I rode all choppy, wobbling to stay on–it was actually kinda fun. After 5 minutes it kinda got smoother but not back to normal yet. Has this ever happened to anyone?

It’s pretty normal when going from a larger wheel to a smaller one. The more you switch back and forth, the less “symptoms” you get, but I think there’s always a little for the first few minutes or so.

I used to go from a 45" wheel to a 12" wheel in shows. Actually that was less of a problem, since the 12" also had a super-low seat, it wasn’t anything like riding the bigger wheel. But I would usually get some of that when going from the 45" to a 20" and trying to do tricks on it. Jerky pedaling, and a tendency to overpower things.

I’m glad this isn’t just me!

I got my 36er on Friday and put about 8 miles on it, to try it out. Yesterday morning (saturday) I decided I wasn’t gonna take my 36er to work, its just too much of a target with that giant green rim :roll_eyes:
So I hopped on my 26er and thought I’d just fly off to work, like I have the last couple of years. I got one turn of the cranks and promptly UPD’d! It felt like my 26er was broken for the remainder of the journey :smiley: