almost completely new KH 29" MUnicycle - South West England.

Hey People.

I got a 29" Kris Holms Municycle for sale. It is almost brand new and has hardly been used at all. Tis wiikid fun to ride and comes with two tryes (Road and Mountain) and also has a magura brake FITTED. :sunglasses:

I am located in the south west of ENGLAND. I cannot post the Municycle. :wink:

Please post a reply if you’re interested and if you include your e-mail I can send you pictures.

Many Thanks.

What sort of money are you after?

Also, you would probably be better off just posting the pics here.

Marcus you already have a KH29 stop being greedy

This is freaky - I never see any other unicyclists when I’m out on the local trails, yet TWO KH29s have been sold locally in the past couple of weeks (unless this is the same one that was sold in Tavistock recently?)


I’m most definitely interested, but i’d like to see some pics and know what kind of price you’re after.

edit:hit me up on moodonym ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com I agree that posting here would be easier.

Yes I’m really interested :slight_smile: and I live in sotuh west England, can you send me pictures?



Hewo again

Sorry i cannot load pics onto this site for sum reason. I duno why i think its sumthing to do with my crappy computer :thinking:

Anyway i think that seeing as its hardy ever been used and it has a brake fitted and 2 unused tyres between £275 and £250 would be a good starting point.

I did just sell a MUnicycle the same as this one but im now also selling my friends MUni aswell :wink:

If u giv me an e-mail address i can send pictures :slight_smile:

My email is in my last post. awaiting your email ;]


I got it to work…I hope…


I swear that has 04 KH cranks!

Serious? The picture clearly shows moment cranks. You can even make out the “Kris Holm MOMENT” etched into the crank.

I hope your being dumb Scott…

Still available?

If so