almost a trials unicycle. need help

I want to get a new frame that can hold a wider tire because currently my lx can only hold up to a 2.3 and I want to go wider. Is there a frame that can attach to my lx wheelset that can hold a wider tire. I guess I’m looking for a street/trials frame. also any suggestions on a wider tire on a 20’’ wheel not 19’’ trials. Thank you

Bedford 20x3" frame?

3G Bikes Twenty-G tire. Slick but huge.

the 20G isnt that huge. Its just tall.

About the same volume as a Trials tire.

I think its alot skinnier. It might be because its so round, but it seems skinnier when its next to my trials uni. I can go check…

That depends what rim you have it on. Just like if you put a duro on a large marge it looks way bigger. On my 7ka rim it looked about as wide as my luna on a kh rim.

actually here is a picture…

and the other way…

if you can get ahold of a onza sticky fingers tell me… that is the tire you will NEED

Maxxis makes some pretty good tires
Creepy crawler makes a 2.0 front tire… i bet it is bigger than a 2.0 regular tire… any thoughts on that?

anything over 2.4 will fold and WILL NOT be worth it, folding tires is not fun… it really sucks… REALLY
i would rather ride a brick than have a folding tire

i ride a performance products tire w/ a pretty thick sidewall, but it seems pretty small, i could get a fatter tire… it says its 2.25, but i think its smaller


uh, all of my tires over 2.4 inches never fold…

when they are compressable at all and are on a normal rim they fold…
all the time…
im talking about the average 20" rim, NOT 19 " wide(lol) !!!

The only tire i’ve had trouble with is the fireball, and I hate it. Paper thin sidewalls, and even at a high pressure I got a pinch flat. It folded too much to even use at a low pressure.

My duro, creepy crawler and kinetics tire never fold and are compressable.

get the onza sticky fingers i have one and its great for what you want to do.

But u can get the maxxis Max daddy which is abit thiner I think 2.25" and that might even fit in ur lx frame… i wouldnt bother buying a new frame if u can get the max daddy. They are a pretty good ride too.

I already have the max daddy on my lx right now and it folds, the knob on it is almost gone after only a month or two of riding and rotating every week. But the frame has to be able to fit on a standard bmx wheel, I know alot of frames are too wide which makes this pretty tricky.

The 20g is exactly the same width as a trials tire. It is 2.5" exactly. however it is about 3/8" taller than a trials tire.