Has anyone bought from them? Never heard it mentioned here but their prices look good.

Not bought but yes some prices significantly less

72 dollars cheaper than UDC for KH26

But it’s not cheaper for all.

Unless I get a glowing recommendation form someone, I’m sticking with what I know (UDC). The service, and the peace of mimd that brings is worth a fair bit. Especially since anything I buy has to ship halfway round the world

Never heard of them, but that’s sure a great price on a KH29! Looks like a discount/clear-out site to me. You might check with them to see what year model it is, then search the forums to see if it makes a difference to you. UDC is great and that’s where I generally buy from, but at some point price does make a difference. Pay through PayPal and you should be OK.

Edit: I just noticed the specs for the 29 look relatively recent, with the 47mm wide rim.

I was looking at UDC yesterday and thought they were sold out of KH29. Today they have it. In the mean time I was looking at this other site and it saves me $150 dollars counting the no tax they claim and says two day delivery.

I’m driving myself nuts trying to decide what to get. I was thinking about the Oregon 26 but it seems so specialized. Anyway the price is about the same once I put brakes on the KH. $820 for Oregon and <$800 for KH29 with brakes.

I’ve been studying the whole crank length thing too. I want to go further. I don’t ride all mountain. I like to bunny hop alot. I like all terrain. Probably get the 125-150 or 137-165…thinking the first option.

I recommend the 125/150. Good combo for road and trail use. Start with the 150 setting. Longer cranks work well for some, but I’ve found 165’s to be pretty extreme. 155 or 160 would probably be great, but I think overall 150 is better than 165 on most trails that I ride.

edit: crank lengths based on the 29er. You’d probably need longer for the Oregon due to its weight.

I noticed the KH29 as well. The picture might not match the specs/what they actually have but I couldn’t tell whether the rim had been drilled or not.

Edit: Never mind. Says they are drilled right there in the specs. At that price I’d get that with 150/125 over the Oregon. I’ve got a KH29 for XC and a nimbus 26 for muni - works well for me.

Im running 165s now on the one in my profile pic.

Another thought: If you’re really planning to do a lot of hopping, as opposed to mostly rolling, you might look to a KH or Nimbus 26 (i.e. “regular” 26). The 29 doesn’t have the volume tire to be a great hopper, and the Oregon is probably too heavy to be constantly hopping on it.

Yeah, the picture is of the XC rim, but the specs say 47mm, which is the drilled rim.

Websites like HayNeedledotcom create hundreds of these speciality sites. They are just now getting around to unicycles. Nebraska’s Better Business Bureau gives HayNeedle an A rating but my $ goes to UnicleDotCom (UDC) and is returned as Research & Development (R&D) to dream up jewels like the Impulse, Oregon, and now the Oracle. HayNeedle ain’t doing that. I support my LBS in the same manner.

Isn’t Nimbus UDC’s house brand? So if you buy a nimbus from anywhere, you still are supporting their R&D, yes?

I bought my last Uni (nimbus trials) from Hayneedle, but not really just because is was a few bucks cheaper, more so because anything I order from UDC takes over a week to arrive at my house, not sure why. My hayneedle order shipped out faster and was at my door in 2 or 3 days, regular shipping method.

If I had UDC in my backyard like you guys down south I would certainly buy from them. Their shipping costs really kick my butt, so I always look for a closer option.

Probably a warehouse that’s a lot closer. That’s always a factor in shipping by ground.

The other thing you’ll get with a vendor like UDC is service. If you receive a uni from one of the discount reseller sites and it has a broken or missing part, for example, I predict a long wait and a lot of hassles to get it resolved.

I also like UDC simply because it’s people I know (and care about), and they are pioneers of the online unicycle biz. :slight_smile:

Also I would pay extra for GREAT service from

I would contact them and double check which year/model you’re getting. I’m wagering there’s a very good chance whoever made the web site just copy and pasted the most recent specs off of Kris’ site.