Alloy version of Magura HS33 TPA knob *EXISTS*!

Hi there,

I’m sure we are quite a few relying on the TPA (Turbo Pad-wear Adjuster) knob of the Magura HS33 brake to ease the pain in the legs while going down steep downhill paths.

Well, I personally have killed a few knobs (the thread, actually) after having “overstressed” this little red plastic part, typically when I screw it so much that the pads will press strongly enough inwards onto the rim to allow me going downhill without having to touch the brake lever at all. Very convenient, especially in the most difficult/steep spots!

I have always found this “unexpected” use of the TPA knob very funny and attractive - even though I regreted that the part would not be made out of alloy instead of plastic.

Well, this is until yesterday, when I found this to be available.

Yeah, sure, this is a little expensive for such a little part - but I still take it as a potentially very interesting upgrade for the Magura HS33 users.

I should get mine over the next few days, will mount it on my Muni, and will report how good (hopefully) it is.

Anyone has tested it already?

Cheers, MadC.



Hello everybody,

I am also interested in these kind of alloy TPA knobs. Does anybody here have such? Are they worth the money?


Sorry for bumping an old thread but I could do with a couple of these if anyone knows where you can still get them.

It seems everywhere’s stopped selling them…

I thought Tarty still has these, but others started making them as well. This guy on Observed Trials Network machines a version that seems pretty good as well:

A note that these aftermarket knobs only fit on the 2005-2010 HS33 lever blades. The older 2000-2004 HS33 lever blades still uses that big red plastic knob that is available from Magrua if you need a new one.


Yeah mine are the 2005 ones - nobody really seems to be selling the <2004 models second hand (I think you bought them all :smiley: )

Yeah I read that thread but saw:

I might send him a message and see if he still has any. :slight_smile:

What was the change in 2005? If you mean the change from external “star” TPA knob to the one built into the lever, then there are still loads of the earlier type on ebay. Or was the difference more subtle?

Oh ok yeah but ones on ebay are expensive - anyway as mine are the 2005-2010 ones then it doesn’t really matter :smiley:

They are still available but from a different manufacturer

Ahh - bit steep but at least they’re available.

Edit: I swear I looked in brake spares…

Seems try all do one that’s even steeper priced (but looks fancy :wink: )