Alloy seat post

if u do look at the begining fo the trhead I say : I just received my alloy seatpost from bedford… so yeah thats wtf Im talking about… I was assuming that u ppl could assume that if I got an alloy seatpost from bedford well its bedford alloy seatpost… but I guess I assume wrong ?

Well, Bedford does sell other parts too. Just because you can buy a KH unicycle from Bedford doesn’t mean Bedford made it, for instance.

yeah I kno that for sure… I was just saying that I got a fricken alloy seatpost from bedford and that it was nice and u ppl FREAK OUT ME omg…

Watch what you write.

Is it the same as this one? FOR SALE : Custom steel 22.2mm SP

No you weren’t, you were just saying that you got a post and it was nice, and that being gay is intrinsically linked with being bad or inadequate.

Interestng that you could find a 22.2mm post that strong though, when I bent the one on my Muni I found there’s nothing available in the UK better than the standard steel ones. In the end I just got a KH24 instead.

I will field this so that max doesn’t have a cow, it is not the same, this is an aloy post not a steel one. This one is lighter, and hopefully stronger.

Maybe I’m weird, but I like to watch Max have a cow.


mad max.bmp (539 KB)

I’ve been riding a 22.2 Primo Rod for almost a year, switching it between my muni and my trials, and there’s no way that thing is going to break. I’ve tried. Trust me.

Yeah it weighs a little more than most posts, but I’m no “weight weenie”… it’s not hurting my rolling hops any.

Oh, and did I mention I spent only $19 on it? The extra $100 I saved bought me a Scott Wallis CF base. Pretty sweet, eh? Who’d be so reckless as to blow the whole $120 on just a post? Oh, nevermind…

Perhaps they meant you need to get a brain that works.

About watching what you write… the manner of your speech / writing forms a big part of the first impression you make on other people. Using derogatory words gives people the impression that you’re disrespectful; when you don’t give respect, you usually don’t get respect.

So watch your mouth, punk, then maybe people won’t give you such a hard time.

Remember that even though this is the internet you are talking to strangers, please watch your manners, as most of us do. I find that kids using the word gay for anything is just as insulting as using the word neger, I’m not the only one, why don’t you indulge us and be a bit more respectful ? Why is it so difficult ?

I don’t expect any answer to these questions all I wanna tell you is that you will be patronized if you insult people’s intelligence and hurt there values (such as respect and tolerance).

People freak out because of your attitude, that’s what you get when you start cursing, throwing 'wtf’s all over the place, and just being plain arrogant.

I sure wish Darren had more of a web site, then maybe Maxis could have just pointed us to a link. Instead he insists it’s the “alloy seat post dammit”. I checked Darren’s online price list. It may not be up to date, but it’s all he’s got on his web site. No 22.2mm alloy seatpost is shown in your price range. The closest is “RAIL POST - ALLOY - 22.2MM” at $60 CA. Does Bedford make these things, or are they manufactured in his name? Still trying to identify your post in case other people want to get one.

Is it this one?