Alloy seat post

Hey all, I just received my alloy seatpost from bedford and DAMN its so nice…its extremelly light and feels so strong, it is defenatly worth the 115$ I suggest it to anyone who goes big and is sick of snapping the gay seat posts.

Gay seatposts? I have a pair of straight pedals. I wonder if their are any facist saddles. Consider thinking about what you are writing.

whats the $115 seatpost?

I must get one of those!
I don’t like having my current gay seatpost so close to my ass.


Surely you don’t snap gay seatposts, they just get bent?

115 for a post?? Christ, Can’t you do with a thomson?

lol, no a thomspon wont fit a 22.2… also this seatpost pwns… and yeah I snaped a few crappy seatposts… and to harper… BIG DEAL I USED TO WORD GAY… SOME PPL MADE THREADS ABOUT HOW JESUS PWNS US ALL AND U DINT DO dont tell me to watch what I write.

Even still, 115 seems hella pricey for a post, Use a Primo Rod, yes its heavy, but you save 95 bucks.

yeah, and calm down maxisback, im sure harper didnt mean anything by it and now you’ve made a fool of yourself for being so damn rude back to him.

lmao no I havent… and I love my seatpost man… and Im sure that my seat post will last longer that a primo rod…and also I only get the best things for my uni cauz I hate effin braking stuff when I ride… (dint mean to sound cocky)

fair enough, i know what you mean. i’ve been riding unicycles for a bit over 6 months now (from my very first attempt) and have broken: a learner 20inch, a torker frame, 3 sets of pedals, a kh seat, a seat post and bent another seat post, bent a rail adaptor… i think thats it for now. never did i realise how expensive unicycling would be… now i have three unicycles and looking to buy another 3.

So what’s this seat post now? Alloy what? How/why is that stronger and lighter and why hasn’t it been done before?

And Evan, I’m sure it’s $115 in Can. dollars, at least.

the only post about that price (22.2mm) is a carbon fibre. ($110) must be one not listed

get a better frame with a fatter post or learn to be smoother. or both.

I am smooth enough, I like 22.2s so …

yeah its canadianand that price includes the shipping and the rail adapter… and wth is wrong with u ppl ? IO make a fricken thread to let u kno that this seat post is probly 1 of the best for 22.2 and u all flip out… and ppl say I need to get a life ? wth…

A lot of what Harper says are very informative, or very jokingly, or a little of both, kinda have to decode his writing.

Everyone else, you gotta ignore them if they are putting things that you don’t like, like when saying the price is too high or to get a frame that will hold a bigger post.

Now for my opinion on the seatpost, its great, a tad expensive, but for something that’s probably never gonna brake, its worth it, specially for a 22.2 post. I would like to see some pictures too. =p

yeah ill put some pics up soon… and no wrys I ignore em its always the same ppl who arent happy with the good stuff… ex: bc plates :roll_eyes:

Except you have managed to still not identify the product. If it’s so wonderful, shouldn’t you tell us “wtf” you’re raving about? Does it have a brand or model name, or is it a Bedford alloy seatpost??? :astonished:

The price sounds right to me. I like stuff that doesn’t break. Yes it’s a lot of money, and no matter how many times you mention it, some Americans are always going to assume the “$” means U.S. dollars. People, many countries use dollars, including Hong Kong (unless China took over their money) and Australia.