Alloy pedal popping?

I have a pair of V8s that came on my uni. I am still learning but don’t crash nearly as often as I did when I got it 2 months ago.
My left pedal makes a popping or clicking sound as I pedal. My uni and bearings are fine and it just seems to be the pedal that is the issue. What might this popping be and is it worth fixing vs just grabbing a new set of pedals?
If I do get pedals, should I get the same ones and just replace the bad pedal or put both on? Are these decent pedals or what do you all recommend. I’d have about $50 to spend at this point. Maybe twice that after Christmas. Can they wait to be replaced that long or fixed or am I riding a death trap?

You could try pulling them apart and greasing them?

Are you sure it is your pedal as some times the bolts on your bearing caps can come lose and under the pressure of the down stroke the bearings can move in the frame making a noise?

If you are going to get new pedals the Nuke Proof Electron pedals are awesome, light due to a nylon body, gripy with steel pins, nice and thin to stop the pedal tipping over and very cheap! I have 3 pairs on each of my Unis and would not run anything else

Yeah, it’s totally a pedal problem. I have checked and rechecked everything else so I even put the pedals on my fat bike and rode around a bit. Still popping left pedal. The uni was fine with my Tioga Syder Ds on it(cool pedal, small platform though!) so I don’t want to permanently switch. Are they something I can regrease or fix myself? I don’t have any extra crap pedals, so if I need new bearing balls or retainers, where do I buy them? Menards or something?

I’ve had the same thing happen to some cheap plastic pedals after only a few days of jumping on them. I just didn’t like them making my uni sound cheap so I bought some Nimbus pedals instead…

I was on the fence about either creating a new thread or bumping an old click thread. Don’t mean to hijack, perhaps we have the same problem.

My nimbus has started clicking and I’m still in the diagnostic phase. Here’s what I think I know:

  1. I too think the click is coming from the left pedal… or crank.
  2. The crank appears to be tight.
  3. At first it would only click when under strain, like riding down and bottoming out of a set of stairs.
  4. It’s progressed to the point where it clicks/pops more and more often, even with light riding and turning.
  5. I had brief success recreating it when riding slowly and standing on the pedals with most my weight on the left pedal. It would click in the same pedal position each time. At about the 5 o’clock position if looking at it from the side - just after completing the down stroke.

I’ll have to check the bearing tightness, a visual inspection the other day told me that the screws were still threaded to the same depth they’ve always been, but that doesn’t mean much I guess.

The hope is that it’s an internal issue with the pedal. The worry is that the metal insert the pedal screws into is loose in the crank and now the threads have been damaged.

Make sure the pedal is tightened into the crank. If that isn’t the problem, you might need to pop the dust cap off of the pedal and tighten the spindle.

Yeah, the pedal is tightened to the crank. That was one of the first things I checked.

This is the pedal BTW:

I’ll check the bearing caps and spindle when I get home. Hopefully one of those is the problem.

Thanks for the input.