Alloy distance handlebars for sale

I rode on these alloy handlebars on my 29er and 36er for a couple of years and they have really been a sweet set-up for me. I view them as prototypes and now I upgraded to another steel system that I built recently - so these are up for sale. They are technically identical right and left versions of the same set-up made from bike aero bar parts. They will fit on all KH seats, both with and without the rail adaptor. The hinged seat post clamp fits on 25.4 mm seat posts and may fit other slightly larger sizes too. The bars have been really durable, with only the rubber bar-end plugs getting damaged by UPDs. Now there are new plugs installed.

I’ve done 65 mile rides on my 36er with these bars and they comfortable and really light weight compared to T-7 or GB4 bar sets. They weigh 10 oz for the 29er bar and 16 ounces for the 36er bar. :slight_smile:

They provide a PBR style grip. You will see in the pics of the new grip (shown installed next to these that I’m selling) that I use high burst strength cable ties - used in airplane construction(Thomas and Betts, Ty-Rap) to stabilize the handlebar to the seat front grip. I also radius the underside of the seat grip slightly to provide a place for the bar to nest without moving. While the cable ties get a thumbs down for asthetics, the ties are super strong and flexible enough to take really hard hits. In fact, I still use these cable ties with the new rail adaptor based bars I’m now building. Two of these ties are included with each handlebar.

The one that I used on my 36er has a (traditional BMX style pull) brake lever and (two pronged) bar-end extender and the handle curves to the left.

The one that I used for the 29er curves to the right.

I don’t know what they are worth, so I’m open to offers.

Please address any correspondence to me at:
or you can call me at 503-282-5989

Thanks, Brycer1968