Alloy cranks

Do alloy cranks make any difference to the feel of general riding (24" wheel)?
If they have wider offset or q-factor is it easier or harder to turn?
Any help please.

Alloy cranks will be lighter so high speed spinning will be easier, although this effect will be less for a 24" than larger wheels. Larger q factor makes the unicycle easier to control, but harder to go fast on.

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I will disagree with kington on the wheel size thing. The smaller the wheel, the easier it is to notice different weights on the cranks. As for whether a wider stance makes it harder to turn, it depends on the type of turning:

  • Turning the wheel (pedaling)? Same
  • Turning while going fast (smooth, swooping)? Maybe slightly
  • Turning while going slow (rough terrain for example)? No, easier

But I think Q-factor is a personal thing as well. Some people prefer the wider stance (again usually for technical terrain) while others like to keep their feet as close together as possible.

All rotating weight makes a big difference. The further that weight is from the centre of the uni, the more difference it makes.

Light alloy cranks help to make a uni more responsive. It will be easier to speed up, slow down and idle.

However, the difference will only be slight.

Lovely cranks with low Q factor are the Qu-Ax freestyle ones which come only in 114mm and 125 mm. They are light, smooth and elegant.

Increased Q factor makes steering easier, but at the expense of straight line stability.

One other advantage of alloy cranks (assuming you’re talking about square-taper) is that they are far less likely than steel ones to come loose. Presumably it’s because they deform more when fitting to the axle (because they’re softer) and form a better interface. I’ve never had a crank come loose since I put alloy (ProWheel) ones on my muni. The steel ones I used to use (and still do on the coker) tend to work loose, especially if the unicycle gets dropped (which of course is pretty often for a muni).