Allen wrench seat storage

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a good way of securing an allen wrench (the one for the odyssey seat post clamp) under the seat or to the seat post. Tried doing a search , couldn’t find anything, thus the new thread, Thanks

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zip ties?

a necklace?

i’m sure you could make a few little straps with tape to hol it in place, but i’d just find a seat height you like and keep it, or put a allen key in your pocket/bag/camelbak.


I have used a rubber band before. Also, I have slipped them into the eyelets of a ReeCycle airseat cover.

Ok thanks for the ideas (cept the shakes, trying to lose weight not gain it;) ) I will see what I can figure out.

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I have a few allen keys loitering around; they live in the back pocket of trousers. They don’t get in the way and it’s always handy. True, they’ve been through the wash a few times, but hey… keeps them clean, I suppose…


Don’t forget Duct Tape.

I prefer Velcro, tho. Any hardware store will sell long enough strips of the stuff. Dont get the two-piece. Some comes loops on one side, hooks on the other. Just wrap around and grab on itself.

My Girl Scout Fanny Pack carries the essentials. Even a recycled gatorade bottle for a sip of H2O.


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Back to the topic at hand.
Duct tape or Velcro


I have ridden without any pockets enough times to want to be able to attach allens of important sizes somewhere. What I’ve found is that you don’t need it until you leave it at home the first time. That’s why Ewan never needs his. For Blue Shift, I wanted to carry around the allen required to shift it on the frame or in the seat. That’s the one where I stick it in the eyelets of the airseat. I also keep one for the bearing holders and one for the torque arm attachment. All three tuck into the eyelets in a non-obtrusive, invisible manner.

but can i ever find the allen key to make sure my profile cranks are on tight?
its just the wrong size to find easily