Allen, TX meeting a success!

So, 3 of us that never knew each other existed and lived within a few miles of each other managed to get ourselves up early on a Sunday morning and go to the Allen skatepark. I had the pleasure of meeting Julia and Eric who have some seriously great skills, and watching them hop, drop, and grind while I just tried my best to keep up! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to think of a name. So far my twisted mind has come up with Plano Unicycle Kids Enterprise and Radical Stunts, but the acronym would not be very inviting.

I’m thinking something to do with Collin County.

How about CoCOW? Collin County One-Wheelers? LOL, I didn’t think so.

maybe UNICO or UNICCO. Unicyclers of Collin County.

I’m also thinking that due to the small number of unicyclists in any given area, a broader geographic area would be better suited for a group. Uni-Psychos covers Fort Worth and surrounding cities. We need something for the Dallas side.

UNIROD. Unicycle Riders of Dallas. LOL :smiley:

Yeah, it was great. Next meeting is 8 AM Allen skatepark, on Sunday. (Same as the last one) if anyone’s lurking this thread from around the Dallas area, it’d be great if you want to meet us there. :slight_smile:

It was so much fun! I can’t wait until Sunday. Thanks again for teaching me the kick up mount Julia:) are you sore today? Because I am…

I’m not too sore, I was exhausted last night though. Yeah I can’t wait for Sunday either. :slight_smile:

Nobody forget! 8 AM tomorrow at the Allen skatepark. If you’re in the area drop by. :slight_smile:

I Can’t wait!!!

I just woke up

Haha looks like someone ran late.
I hope your meeting went well and you all did some cool stuff.

Hey I might not be able to go tomorrow

Twas a lonely day at the skatepark… Ah well, there’s always next week. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it Julia:( my parents were very unhappy with me so they made me work all afternoon yesterday and all morning today.
I hope you still had some fun and did some cool things, hope to see you next week:)

Haha don’t worry about it dude, it was still fun and next week’s gonna be awesome. :slight_smile:

hey can you or have you tried riding with the seat dragging on the ground in front? I think it looks really cool and I tried it and it’s not as hard as I thought.
I’m working on it now

You two are going to build on each other’s skills and become so good. This is great.

I was out of town and just got home about half an hour ago.

I can go tomorrow, sweet:) i’ll be there at 8 and I hope there’s no rain

I’ll be there too, my fingers are crossed hoping for no rain. :sunglasses:

Edit: Oops, I just realized I never answered your question about the seat drag. I’ve never tried it really with the frame dragging, but I remember once for whatever reason I had my frame off and tried riding just the wheel. I recall occasionally getting a few revolutions… Maybe I’ll try it some more tomorrow.


I was working on seat drags but then I got 360s :)!