Alleghany Mountains

Just wondered if anyone has ever done any of the Alleghany National Forrest trails (Timberline, Rocky Gap, Willow Creek, Marianville, etc). I’ve done them all many times on my dirtbike, but I’m goin up with my uni for the first time this Sunday.:smiley:

What part of the world is that in?


Pennsylvania, USA

unigoat and a group of 5 or 6 riders are in PA. Perhaps you’re one of them?
I don’t know if they’ve ridden at Alleghany.

There’s some rides and a race coming up. The race is just south of Allegany National Forest… but I don’t know if it is part of it.

Short answer: take the uni and report back. If you’re there anyways, might as well ride!

Last time I rode Rocky Gap was years ago on a bicycle. It was pretty brutal. I’m not sure how conditions are now, but then it was a lot of loose soil and mud. It was a similar time of year.

As far as the other trails go, I don’t know what they’re like. My personal experience with dirtbike/atv trails is that they’re difficult to ride on a bicycle mainly due to the loose soil and mud issues. Balancing on one wheel when it’s difficult to stand up on two feet is frustrating at best.

On the plus side, I heard a rumor that IMBA is looking to put in trails in the area. When that happens, it will be AWESOME riding. Raystown Lake is a fantastic example of what moderate difficulty flowy trails can be.

Please give a follow up on your experience this weekend. I’d like to know how they are.

Plans have changed. Instead of Rocky Gap I’m doing Willow Creek. It’s a slightly easier trail. I’ll have a ride report tomorrow night:D

[QUOTE=unigoat;1457230 Raystown Lake is a fantastic example of what moderate difficulty flowy trails can be.


You ever been to Raystown? I live 20 minutes from the trailhead. I’ve done quite a bit of MTN biking at Alligrippis, but have yet to get there on the uni. Those trails are fantastic on a SS rigid 29er! I may take the Coker there next week.