All You Haters Suck!

Just ran across this and had to share with y’all!!/photo.php?fbid=481687528520994&set=pb.288501767839572.-2207520000.1351531399&type=3&theater

Doesn’t seem to be available…

What was it about?


I hate those misaligned cranks. I guess I suck his balls. :frowning:

I hate the handlebars, and the seat angle doesn’t look so comfy. No wonder he’s thinking of balls…

I wonder how big the wheel is?

Well he’s compensating for something.

He must really identify with this song:


Brycer that must be his inspiration, it was painful to watch yet slightly entertaining.

Real classy, but if he put it on just for the humor of it then I get it. I think many of us may have felt that way at some point, but maybe not in those words, haha.

I know the last thing I’d ever want to do is draw attention to myself while riding. I admit I like being different but I’m still trying to blend in!

It looks photoshopped to me…

Ha! The song/video is FUNNY! Yeah, not classy, whatever. I have a sense of humor. If you don’t like it, suck my… ahem.

But the fixie riders are the only ones that “get” us unicyclists. On the rare occasion that I run into fixie riders on the trails, they always seem to more fully appreciate what’s involved in riding unicycles on rough terrain. The high-wheeler is also a fixie. Very much like us!

That’s almost as funny as the video. I’m quite tempted to make it my new sig line…

It does look fake, that perfect ring of an identical green color with no sign of shadow or depth, even though there’s a really strong light shining on it from the side. Still funny though.

That’s true. If it was altered, it was probably by a fan of that silly song.

The video: first I was appalled, then I rolled my eyes, and then I laughed my arse off. (last few seconds were priceless.)

Maybe that’s because in my town you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one or two fixies. And they’re especially common at night, apparently hoping to be struck by a car: black clothes, black bike, no lights.