ALL WE TOGETHER 2 - Czech trial project

ALL WE TOGETHER - Czech trial project

The three top Czech trial riders on different machines, but with just one trials heart combined their ideas into the unique trials project called ALL WE TOGETHER. Three machines, three riders and a few days of riding in western style. These all created next part of AWT project showing strength of the Czech trials.

Adam Gerža - UNICYCLE - 3rd at the Unicycle Trial European Championship 2013
Vašek Kolář - BIKE - World Vice Champion Elite 2013
Martin Matějíček - MOTO - Czech Junior Champion 2013, 7th at the World Championship Youth 2013

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Presented by: Western park Boskovice, EM Production, Fain Interier, Cappra

In association with: Dickies, Try One, Chorrillas, Life Is Drive, O’Neal, Nugget, Mafakazz tattoo, Stavimat, S3, 2M Parts, Haase Racing Technology, AUTO KLUB Ústí nad Orlicí

Special thanks to: Jiří Fikejz, Radim Petrů and others

Adam Gerza

So cool! Not sure why you robbed the bank and then chose not to make a getaway though! Fantastic riding.

I enjoyed that one as much as the first one.