All Things Unicycling

It’s important to brag about any unicycling-related item that we come across, right?

Here’s my Easter bunny.

It shows just how talented rabbits can be. I think the glasses reinforce his obvious level of intelligence and skill. (I’m assuming he also knows how to hop.)

And, it proves something else – (will someone please wake up ol’ Mr. Harper for this?) – that “white hare” and “unicycling” go well together.


103_0308_r1white hare_1.jpg

That is…ummmm…errr…INCREDIBLY COOL!!!

that is “incredibly cool”

when i first saw the title i thought it was somethnig about me.

Anything like that, that’s not a clown, is to be treasured. Where did it come from?

Re: All Things Unicycling

What great line. That’s a great one for a sig line. I’m going to keep my current one for awhile so someone else grab it while it’s hot.


I pulled the one foot I already have in the grave out to take a look at this beauty. Like most rabbits, this one looks edible. You should bring it over and we will toast its demise with root beer…and then eat it.

Ya know, if you put that rabbit on a picnic table and lay on its side there is a slight resemblance to a certain photo… :astonished:

Ah, I was drawn to this for the title too, because it is exactly the same (even the capitalisation) as the index page of my unicycling website.

And Carol, I think a bunny can bunnyhop by definition.

Klaas Bil

Here’s another one. Rabbits seem to be more talented than other animals.

This toy was packed inside a kids’ soap bottle. (Clean hare is always nice.)

John – the Easter bunny was purchased through ebay. That’s the only information I have.

Chosen and Klaas – sorry for the not-so-original thread title. I wanted a broader title in hopes that other people will post uni-related items as well.

Steve – I took a picture that compares the figurine with the photo you mentioned (on the world famous t-shirt). It was too frightening to post.



Here’s another item in the collection – a picture of a promotional poster from the Barnes and Noble bookstore. The manager kindly saved it for me when the promotion was over.



they also had that picture on the boxes they put muffins and things in at the barnes and noble starbucks cafe, i have a couple.

Someday when I’m really bored I’ll pull out all my unicycle bric-a-brack and take pictures of it. I have one similar to that Tiny Toons rabbit, but it’s very small (about 1" high). I still like the Easter one. His glasses look more like goggles to me, or even a mask!