All these new 36er threads lately (my contribution)

Man, anyone notice all of the new 36er threads lately? Geez, it seems like everyone and their dog are getting their hands on one and trying to ride them.

Guess now it’s my turn.

Order placed with UDC for a UDC Titan + some extras.

Would like to thank all those that have helped answer my endless flow of questions, it’s been very much appreciated.

To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. :roll_eyes:

Honestly I’m just glad I was able to make up my mind and decide on one. I changed my mind more times than I can count.

Good luck with it Killian. :slight_smile:

Roll on, player.

It’s funny how topics seem to come in waves. Now it’s everyone getting 36. A while back we had 3 or 4 “my balls hurt. is this normal?” threads on the first page.

or 5 “what is the right unicycle for me”

Good luck! The 36er fever!!!
Me too, from tomorrow :smiley: got a call from our local dealer today, it’s here but… had a tiny issue with the T- bar and the seat compatibility… So tomorrow is the day!!!
Delayed gratification… :slight_smile:

Have fun,

Welcome to the Coker club. You are going to love it! I went slightly overboard on mine (see auto signature) but distance touring has always been my primary discipline. My 36er still gets a lot of use in the winter when the mountain bike trails are closed due to mud. Thank goodness for rails-to-trails greenways. Once the trails dry, my 29er or 26er see a lot more action off-road. So the answer to your thread title might be seasonal.

Spring is in the air and a (not so) young man’s fancy turns to … 36 inch unicycles! I hope you like your Titan as much as I like mine.

You’re writeup definitely helped sway my decision. I was in a toss up between coker and titan.

Start a thread titled “Help! My New 36 Is Hurting My Abnormal Balls” and see how long it lasts…:smiley:

After my high speed crash on a 29er, I’ll be leaving 36ers well along. I can’t run out a UPD that fast :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys can keep them - have fun. :smiley:

There’s always 5 “what is the right unicycle for me”

very true good sir

And it’s here.

Big box showed up today. Put it together and tried her out. Freemounting wasn’t as hard as I anticipated, even with 114mm cranks. I was able to mount after the second attempt and haven’t had a problem since. So far there’s only one scuff on the seat too! Once you get used to the weight it’s not all that different, but it definitely hauls ass compared to my 29.

Later this week we’ll put on the shadow handle and brake, and next weekend we’ll take her out for her first big ride around town. Call it ‘Le tour de Plain City’ (name of the town).

Anyway, so far I love it.

Why such short cranks? you running a break?

Rofl. If I can get it set up without destroying it first. :smiley:

So, what kind of a brake are you having so much fun setting up? I don’t have one at this point and have thought about it adding one at some point.

I got the one from the options with the Titan. Some type of cable’d side-pull brake. It’s really not that hard to set up, just a new experience for me. Was questioning how many ferrules I needed, and now that I’ve got that sorted out, I’ll be ready to add it sometime between now and saturday.

I banged up the seat some more and have to keep telling myself that uni’s can’t be new forever. Even though each scratch hearts me inside. :smiley:


If you want to get better on your smaller wheels for Muni, do not hesitate to get a 36er. I went on a muni ride with my 29er yesterday, and was tearing it up! Seriously, I’ve never felt as solid on it as I was last night. It feels slower, but the wheel feels half the size making it sooooo easy to maneuver compared to the 36.