all the way to California and this is all i get?

just kidding…

this was one of the prizes at the saturday night pizza party for the 2003 CAli-MUni WEek-ENd…it stayed on the prize table till the very end.nobody chose it.

i laid in wait untill John raised it over his head,i must have whooped first and the loudest so i won this fabulous chunk of history!

its mine…ALL MINE!! :smiley:

my prize.jpg

i’m burning up with jealously :wink:

Nice… can it handle 8-tracks?

That would look awsome next to my Commodore 64.

Shouldn’t this be in the “modern antiquity” forum?

Is that an oxymoron?

how about the “hall of nostalgia”

my prize sig1.jpg

oh come on? its even got the “uni-cyclone” on it! you know you love it and want the shirt,the shoe,the hat,the pen and bumper sticker.

my prize sig2.jpg

Wow—written larger than life! I could probably use that for a sig. here in the forums!

For those wondering what they’re looking at, this is where I signed the aforementioned antiquated tape deck. The bottom was the only part you could write on. This was Jagur’s idea, not mine. :slight_smile:

It’s like some weird kinda “Foss Trophy”.