All the Things I Could Do...


Well, my family’s been unicycling for three years now, and I can’t believe
all the things my teenage kids have learned. It’s great!

As for me, looking back three years ago, I NEVER thought I’d be able to:

ride across the room.
mount with my other foot.
ride off a curb.
race (sort of).
pass a skill level test.
ride in a parade.
sweat so much.
ride a giraffe.
ride a MUni.
ride with stomach on seat (so very charming).
ride one-footed.
meet so many great, interesting people.

But I have.

If you’re relatively new, you’ll do these things too, if you stick with it,
and you’ll learn them much faster than I did.

I hope I can someday add “Ride over a 10 x 10 obstacle” to the list of
things I never thought I could do but actually have done… Life
would be grand.

I don’t know if unicycling will become mainstream, but I believe its
popularity will grow tremendously in the next few years. It’s challenging
and fun. It appeals to many ages on many different levels. I think the
secret’s out.

Have fun!

Carol M.
Motto of the day: “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way.”

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Very cool Carol. Its always nice to hear about people’s progress. It also shows newbies whi stumble accross this forum that there unicycling is possible with a bit of time.
-David Kaplan