All The RIght Muni

I re edited my last muni video because of all the comments i got on the music. Hopefully i get better comments on the video. I have been riding muni for about 3 months now. Music: One Republic All The Right Moves

Nice video, that’s great riding for only 3 mos in the saddle.

Loved the video, even better than the first one, for some reason it seamed like the filming was better quality. Also there were some good clips in this one that weren’t in the other one. Great riding, filming and editing.

great improvement, the music made watching the first one a hard task indeed. Great riding skills for the little amount of time you ride muni!

Nice video indeed. I didn’t see the other one (maybe a good thing? :p)

Is that 3 months from complete noob to riding that?
I have been riding 8 months (from noob) and that is kinda what I can do now. The wet and snowy winter didn’t help matters.

Good going anyway :slight_smile:


3 months? Nicesauce, man. Looks like you’ve got great control, now you should try to get some more speed :sunglasses:
Nice video, keep it up.

Thanks for the comments. I have been riding trials for a little over a year now, but just started the muni 3 months ago. Im liking muni so far, cant wait to get faster at my lines.

Ahh, well I’m still impressed.

I’m going the other way, just sold my Qu-Ax Muni to get a Koxx trials. :slight_smile:
I was running out of places to go on my Muni without travelling miles by car and there are loads of places I have seen that look great for trials.


Right on, I love trials. Its defintly my main style of riding.

Well I have been doing hops on a qu-ax which is pretty tiring and I’d like to be able to ride the skatepark etc so I think it’ll be fun learning all that stuff.