All the gear.... But no idea

So I’ve had unicycle for years since I was 12. I taught myself to ride. And as of very early on I could ride pretty well freeout and idle. Was also pretty comfortable going down the odd stair or 2. But I was always doing this all on my own. No club, no other riders making suggestions so riding around the block was about as interesting as it got

Now at 32 (about 6 months ago) my wife bought for me this amazing trials uni. Really nice uni. Top spec and looks amazing. I can still ride. And now with this forum I feel theres tons of things I wish I’d tried and done at 12, 13, 15. I just don’t really know where to start

I’m riding regularly, but being a bit conservative But I do want to build some confidence and try some new stuff

Any suggestions with where to

Depends on what you are interested in. I suspect it’s more trials than street/flat.

If you don’t already have it get yourself some protection gear, shin guards and helmet at a minimum. (I use shin, knee, but, wrist, and elbow pads in addition to my helmet and have used them all :p.)

For trials build yourself a couse, start w/ 5-10 pallets (you can often get several at a time for free at big box stores. (trials course thread)

Lay them out in the yard smoother side up end to end so the bords line up and ride the “skinnies”, and switching from one skinny to another rolling and hopping (always try to minimize your hops). When that gets easy flip them over, turn them around and pull off the extra boards, so that now you are riding on the 2" wide support beams.

Learn to/improve your still stands. You can do them while watching TV to alleviate the bordom (but you might want to put some scrap carpet or plywood down first). I like to listen to talk radio and audio books).

If it’s tricks, there couple of tick lists, start w/ the level one stuff and work toward level 10 :roll_eyes: