All terrain muni challenge (my dream)...

You mountain bikers probably know abou the All Terrain Mountain Bike Challenge, Red Bull Ride, and Red Bull Rampage (are there any others?). For those of you who haven’t heard of them, they’re events where the competitors ride down really technical and steep stuff and can often chose one of three lines (I’m talking particularly about the ATMBC here because I don’t know anything about the others). The thing I particularly like about them is that the judging is not based on time or speed, but rather how cleanly and well-controlled you can complete the course. The ATMBC had steep rocky stuff, norhshore, and big drops to choose from and was lot of fun to watch. I’ve got the video of it.

Why don’t we have an event like this for muni?

Any thoughts? Naturally it’d have to be here in Australia and all you non-Australians would have to come over here to compete :).


p.s. Here’s a link:

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Here’s a quote from the site:
" The ATMBC was about riding a mountain without specified bike trails. The riders picked their way through terrain that had never been ridden and challenged the best of them as they mustered all their skill and wit, picking jaw dropping routes that defied expectations and unlocked an intense, inspiring style of mountain bike riding.
This grueling style of riding showcases the amazing talents of the current leading riders, the latest technology in the industry and cutting edge mountain bike terrain.
The ATMBC was a spectacular made-for-television event."

there is a dirt-pile near my house, that i was thinking it would be cool to do this on. there’s many big drops, and then at the bottom, some rock piles. so you do the drop, trials the rock pile, and you’re out of there. it would be cool to set up some rails and northshore flows as well.


Re: All terrain muni challenge (my dream)…

Sounds like it was a made-for-TV event. All you have to do is find a TV company that’s interested, and set it up! That’s how these things get made :slight_smile:

I reckon TV stations would jump at something like that. The problem with it being here is that there aren’t enough riders. Maybe I’ll just have to teach more people to unicycle, then introduce them to the world of muni.


You really need 10 or so riders and at least 3 or 4 quite good ones so that you can have a decent competition going on. Ideally you’d have a bunch of muniers who ride different styles, like a freeride / trials person who’d just bomb straight down cliffs and hop everything and a riding over things person who’d pick a smooth line down etc.


if you get the riders together, you could quite likely find someone who does extreme sports vids to film it.


Yeh I agree. That’s what made the ATMBC so interesting to me. It’ll happen some day :).

Thanks for the suggestions.


I just watched the footage of the Red Bull Ride then on TV and taped it. It’s got me dreaming again…

Replace the bike riders in these photos with unicyclists!


red bull ride - northshore 1.jpg


red bull ride - northshore 2.jpg

and a sliding see-saw (see my new thread)…

red bull ride - sliding see saw.jpg