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I’ve put up the first segment of our movie in a new album. They will appear in random order as I get permission to use the various songs, etc. This one is part 16 of 21. I’ve decided that I’ll make all the file sizes just big enough to allow 25 frames per second with Windows Movie Maker. If anyone wants smaller versions available, let me know and I’ll sort that out.

There are a few problems with the music in this one. I don’t know what’s going on and it’s getting really frustrating. I’ll have to sort it out before making the DVD. You’ll hear what I mean.

Anyway, enjoy the movie. Basically what I wanted to put in this movie was a lot of riders of varying ages and skill levels having fun and pushing their limits every now and then. I will make a ‘best of’ sort of collection of clips somewhere along the line.

This segment that’s up now is entitled ‘Group MUni’. Tony Melton’s in this one (and others). The skate park section will be available soon enough, and the other (shorter) ones that aren’t going to have music.

Enjoy, and please don’t expect too much. :slight_smile:


thank you, thank you, thank you

awesome videos!


btw, whats wrong with the music? i think its a great sountrack…it really flows with the riding perfectly


Yeh, I love the song, it’s just that it cuts out at one stage and doesn’t play smoothly the whole time. I’m glad you didn’t notice. The main one is in the transition from the clip of Tony’s log ride to the one of me riding along the round wooden barrier things.

I’m putting the Bike Week Trials Demo up there now.



thats some good riding. i wish i hadnt run out of places to ride around here :frowning: i like the bike trials place. not only was there great trials, there was an announcer!

Not sure if I was watching the right ones, but the backwards railride was REALLY impressive!!! Nice vids!

Thanks a lot guys.

Yes, that day was a lot of fun. I’m so glad I’ve found my way into the Brisbane trials scene. Coming soon we’re having another trials comp which will be linked up with the motorbike trials comp. It’s the day before but I think we’re using their obstacles for some stuff which should be interesting on a unicycle. With that trials demo, I was so happy when they brought out the rail to put between the trucks. That was fun. If you’ve run out of places to ride just build obstacles. There are heaps of them in this next segment.

The album is www.unicyclist.com/gallery/album112 .

I’m putting up the last of this batch of segments now - Trials at Home Part 1. It’s my favourite.


Excellent and the music is superb.

I can’t wait for more.

the didjeradoo music makes me wanna pee my pants its so good. great riding too.

the trials at home part 1 is fantastic…

btw, what tire do you have on your unicycle? I paused it as you were landing on the “hopping post”, and your wheel stuck to it like glue! even tho your wheel wasn’t directly over it, it didn’t seem to matter. Sorta reminded me of that gazz video you posted awhile ago where your tyre was just barely on the edge of the log.


those were awesome! can’t wait till the full video comes out

Thanks a lot.

The tyre’s just a standard Monty (minus the label)…yes I love it too. I like watching it bob up and down on the post.

I saw Si playing live a couple of years ago…it was fantastic. If you check out that website I put at the end of the segments with his music you can listen to parts of some of his and his band’s other songs.



Originally I was going to leave all the extra features just for the DVD but I’ve changed my mind. I’m making a few tutorials (at the moment just dropping seat in and rail riding, but probably more) and have put the ‘dropping to flat seat’ in one up in the ‘All Terrain’ album - www.unicyclist.com/gallery/album112 .

I know I’m not the best person to be giving tutorials, but I figured that they might help somebody still. I’ve given the areas that I’ve covered a bit of thought and put together some clips and text.

Peter has started making a website for me for an assignment which will have a bunch of tips and tutorials to download and/or read. If anyone has any they’d be willing to have put up on the site I’d really appreciate it…hopefully this site will be quite helpful once there’s enough content up there. Maybe Ryan’s hopping high tutorial? And some of the spinning seat bold and Miyata fix ones…things like that.

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial. If you want a lower file size one let me know.


Thanks andrew I’ll try some of the stuff you suggested, except I still don’t get the rolling out thing. I find it transfers all the drop force onto my front foot, which hurts alot more.

The tutorial is excellent! It’s better than a lot of professional stuff I’ve seen. It focuses on a few distinct, well-described points and makes and illustrates them well.

Personally I’d space the successive drops a little more, because it’s hard to realize a new one is coming before it’s over. As a video effect, it’s great, but for a tutorial my mind needed more time to setup at the top of the drop.

I have to agree. Great videos. One of my staff was looking over my shoulder when you fell after riding backward over the 1 1/2" skinnie. She says, “Look, falling on something simple like that!” She just doesn’t understand.

Again, great videos. BTW, where are the videos of your flying suicide mounts. Thanks, --chirokid–

Are you sure you’re combining rolling out with the other points mentioned?

Actually that was meant to just be a really quick into to what’s being covered and wasn’t meant to help much at all in learning to drop. So do you think people would benefit from seeing a few different slow-motion (or normla speed?) drops as examples? Thanks.

Thanks. As I said, I only recently decided to put all of the DVD including the extras up in the album so I haven’t gotten around to uploading the suicide mount one. I will soon. Come to think of it, I may have already done it in the ‘albuu61’ album.


May I first say: Great riding! I just have part 6 downlaoded so far, but it’s looking great! How much $$$ for the DVD?

I’m curious, do you ever go seat out? I noticed that all those rock gaps were seat in. Then again, there were some pretty slanty surfaces, so I guess seat out would’ve bgeen hard. Also, whatever gets you to land it, right?

I also would like to mention that I finally got around to going to rubber from pedal on top of my 2x4. It took me three tries, but now I have it down. Now I have to practice gapping out of it…

El Gerbel

P.S. I made it into a sig!!!:smiley: So what if it’s for writing an oxymoron of a sentence, I made it. :slight_smile:

I was worried that Part 6 would be a bit boring for people…but then again it’s only short. I thought I’d put it in the movie though because it was so much fun. I love natural trials…there are so many different angles.

At this stage I only go seat out for high hops. I just don’t feel like I have enough control when I land gaps and I haven’t found that it helps me for gapping distance.

That’s great that you made the pedal grab up to the 2x4 - and in only 3 tries! I’m really amazed…can’t wait to see it on film.

I don’t know how much the DVD will cost but not much more at all than the blank DVD and shipping costs. I’ve pretty much dropped the idea of making any sort of profit…that’s not what it should be about. When it’s finished I’ll get quotes from the Post Office on shipping and let you know. I’ll put it in a CD case so it’ll be smaller. I’m not going to make it look all professional with a cover and that sort of thing…just write on it with a permanent marker. :slight_smile:


Uhhhh… that’s a good point. Maybe I should try all of them.