all my street riding videos

hey guys, heres my most recent street riding stuff. tell me what you think:



could not see vids but the pics are amazing

Beautiful. You found a great place to ride, too.

not sure why you couldnt see them. they arent divx or anything. just right click and hit “save target as”. i play them in windows media player and they work fine for me. good luck trying to get them to work. see ya, Kevin

Hey kevin,

I’m working now, and all the runners are out so I have nothing to do. We have crappy e-mail here to. I’m dropping off my uni this thursday to get profiles. OH YEAH!!! DROPPING SPREE!!!



WoW! )=O

Great vids, Kevin!! Your skills are amazing! I loved your grinding on the rails.

-Sara ( )=O

Hot Damn! Keep rocking the unicycle

Hey dont stop filming, looked good

Great vids!! I loved the 180 to grind. Did you invent that? Tha last video is so painful to watch. Keep posting vids.


yeah, 180 to grinds are fun. i didnt invent it… as far as i know im the second one to do it. someone correct me if im wrong, but the only guy ive ever heard of doing it was mike clark. dan heaton said he did one on a ledge for like an 8 foot slide. pretty nuts. anyways, im still gonna go for a 180 into the 5 set rail thats in my album. see ya, Kevin