All Mountain MUni riding in Virginia

Not the best video quality, but it gives a different perspective on Muni riding than most videos. I got my brother to wear a helmet cam and follow me along a single track trail. The camera was pointed a little low and it shakes from all the roots. Next time I’ll try to secure it better and point it higher. This was a pretty good 5 minute run I had.

Nice track
Excellent ending :smiley:

Great riding and vid! I also love being chased by bikers, keeps you really motivated :wink:
Keep going!

AM… looks rather like XC though.

Nice trail, great video and riding. :slight_smile:

Hey Clay, that’s a great 36er trail you have there :stuck_out_tongue:

So is that frame blue? Dude, don’t tell me you painted over that lovely gold, say it isn’t so :o

We should meet to ride some weekend :slight_smile:

It looks gold to me. Nice riding Clay.

That trail makes me so exited to get my 29er, can`t wait :smiley:

Thanks for all the feedback! This was a 5 minute clip, and the entire loop for this particular trail takes about 40 minutes on a 26er (moving time). My record is 34 minutes, while Mountain Bikers average about 20 minutes according to Strava.

I’ve only been riding single track Muni for about 8 months and I realize several of you have done much tougher trails. I wouldn’t call this an extremely technical trail, but I wouldn’t call it XC either. The trail has very few flat spots - you are constantly going uphill or downhill with almost no “straightaways.” The roots don’t show up on the video, but they are plentiful because this trail sees a lot of use. There are also several uphill switchbacks with rocks and roots making things tough, too. At the end of the video, I actually hit a rock sticking up in the middle of the trail. The falling leaves this time of year make the obstacles “invisible.”

@Ben, as much as it pains me to say it, I have no doubt that you could do most of that trail on a 36. For me, though, I’ll stick with your old 26 (which is still gold). We should definitely get together for another ride. The weather is perfect right now!

I’m just messing with you Clay :wink:

We should get together to ride, I spend so much time riding with just me and the dogs, I get to talking to myself, and well, then I answer back…

Riding with a biker always gets me to push myself more!

Yes, it’s all relative. After watching some of your videos, I can see why you would think this… :smiley: I like your edits. I need to take the time to shoot some different angles like you. I am always so busy trying to get faster and better that I don’t want to stop long enough to make a good video. :wink:

Nice (and fast) riding. Nice trail.

Gotta come down to Raleigh some day - lots of trails for all levels, so you can ride the tech stuff while I watch from a safe distance on the bunny slopes.

Really nice to have somebody going with cam with you. It is what I miss quite often. And nice ride as well.

And looking from the video I would also say that it is a really nice XC track. But still… if you are crossing the country that is in the mountains, why XC couldn’t be a Muni at the same time. In many cases it is really hard to tell.
Here in Krakow we have quite many hills and valleys around and you can find nice steep paths up and down, but still I don’t call it Muni as Krakow is not in the mountains.

In the U.S. at least, we don’t reserve the term “Mountain Biking” for something that is just done on <actual> mountains. :smiley:

I’m definitely not an authority on trail classification, so maybe I mislabeled the thread. If so, sorry to disappoint anyone looking for the next Kris Holm… LOL! Whether it’s XC MUni, All Mountain MUni, or Technical MUni, it’s all MUni and we’re here because it’s something we enjoy. Maybe I’ll ask some of the local Mountain Bikers what category they would classify this trail.