ALL LEVEL 8-10(or other good) UNICYCLISTS

Hey guys, i need some awsome videos. i need some motivaters. I want to learn some awsome tricks. im currently about lvl 5 ans i want to get better thx

ehhh? order defect ?

i dont have the money =[

Ask friends for donations! :smiley:
P.S. I’m broke don’t ask me :frowning:

Leo has some good video of what each of the skills are in the 10 skill levels at

Check out the Koxx-One freestyle video here. It has some great stuff by Julien Monney, including backward stand-up coasting, backward side-ride, and coasting standing on the saddle.

Here are the unicon 12 videos, for individual freestyle. They are really good.
Unicon 12

Some state-of-the art Freestyle on my web site:

Christy Grider Freestyle clip (9.5MB)
Amy Shields, Ind. Freestyle champ (62MB)
Ryan “Smiley” Woessner, Ind. Freestyle champ (63MB)
Amy and Ryan Pairs at Public Show (62MB)

Big downloads from a tiny camera with no tripod, but what do you want for no money? :slight_smile:

what exactly ru looking to learn? can you hop? 1 ft? stuff like that? whe n i was gettin started i just watched jess riegels videos. i know its not like the japanese freestylers, but i liked to watch em and i tried stuff after i saw him doit.

He said he’s around level 5, i should imagine he can ride 1 footed and do ‘stuff like that’ fairly well.