All In The (GB4) Family

My trusty GB4 36 has a new little sibling to play with, a shiny red new (to me) GB4 29. I put it together last night, and couldn’t resist doing a few laps of the neighborhood in the dark. It rides great, and is amazingly light compared to my 36-er. It has a Sun Rhyno Lite rim, Big Apple tire, and airseat with CF base and GB4 handle. Current cranks are 150s, but I’m probably going to drop to 125 unless I can find a pair that’s drilled for both settings. Actually, what I’d really like is a pair drilled to 125, 140, and 165, which would make it ideal for inner city, XC, and big climbing.

I still envision most of my miles happening on the 36-er, but I wanted something a bit easier to travel with. The 29-er will fit right into a standard Samsonite rolling duffel bag.

I like the matching set a lot, and this makes me re-think my plans to de-commission the 36-er and switch my wheel to a Hunter frame. Hmmm. Tough choices. :slight_smile: Here’s a shot of the new siblings hanging out together.


What an adorable couple. You should hold a mock wedding and dress the two up in formal wear. Have JC perform the ceremony. See if you can get George to come to town to give away the bride and go on a ride with us.

If you ever do decide to get rid of your GB4 frame, I will gladly take it off your hands!

How are you going to find space in the garage to store it? You’re going to have to keep it in Harper’s basement. Buster will guard it and make sure Harper doesn’t ride it.

Two big hooks at Fred Meyer were bought. Four 5/16th holes in the garage ceiling were drilled. Two of the four holes were drilled correctly, and the hooks were subsequently installed. GB4 29 now hangs from one, and Hunter 24 from the other. The garage has more free space after the coming of the GB4 29 than it did before.

The better question is how am I going to explain to the missus the arrival–while she was out of town–of yet another unicycle she had no idea was coming.

It’s a good thing she splurged on her vacation, or I’d be dead meat. The GB4 29 was cheap in comparison. And unlike the vacation, it will still be here next week, and the week after, and after that, etc.