All Hollows MTB Race - Uni category!

Here’s the bikereg link for the Halloween MTB race with a unicycle category, in Schenectady NY, (near Albany). Rolandisimo and I rode in a similar event here last xmas eve. The trails are fast and fun, and we obviously made a good impression, because they’ve now got a category for unicycles! Woo-hoo! There will be 3 or 4 of us from the capital district, and it’s not too far for some of you others, eh? Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

All Hollows Mountain BIke Race

Presented by Heather Mosley and the Cycling Tribe

Schenectady, NY
Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pro/Expert 1 hours 9:00 AM $30 Cash top three
Singlespeed 1 hours 9:00 AM $25 Cash top finisher, Prizes
Female Open 1 hours 11:00 AM $25 Cash Top Finisher, Prizes
Sport Men 1 hours 11:00 AM $20 Cycling Gear top Three
Unicyclists 1 hours 11:00 AM $20 Cycling Gear top three


4 mile loop in Schenectady’s central park nature trails.

Choose the racing catagory that best suits you and come out and compete in an all hearts out race to see who can compete the most loops in one hour!

That’s right, 100% singletrack, with rocks, roots, stairs, log crossings, bridges, and steep up and downhills.

Race starts with a Lemands style run to your bikes!

Homegrown event! Come have a great time! Costumes are encouraged. candy will be handed out, and the spooky sounds will be around! The woods will be haunted!

Bring the family!

There will be a neutral support station, that you will pass on every lap. You can stage a pit area in this spot if you need. we will supply water, gatorade, bagles, munchkins, and fig newtons.

Cash prize- Expert $100, Female- $50, Singlespeed- $50
lots of cool prizes enter more than one event if you choose!

I think that I’ll probably go to this.

What are you guys going to be riding? MUni?

That sounds like a lot of fun. Usually there’s a local cyclocross race that goes on down here around halloween. Usually the Sunday that we change our clocks.

UPDATE: I may have three other unicyclists to bring along. :slight_smile:

Very cool!

Last time I rode a KH29 muni, but this time I may ride my KH24.

Whoa!!! So there could be 8 unis in this race. I’ll be riding my KH 29 to try and keep up with Steveyo.

Well, I’m the only one of my four friends with a 24"…so they may have to ride 20". They obviously would have very little chance of doing well in a race…but would have fun anyway right?

We already have a costume scheme planned.:slight_smile:

All right… I’m officially registered.

Nevermind me, you should be worried about Roland.

OK Steve, I’m aiming to make this ride!

Time change! Longer race!

Attention to all those interested in this race:

This is now 2 hours long and begins at 9AM instead of 1 hour long and beginning at 11AM.


More race for your money!

Hey Steve, 2 hours! That’s twice the fun!!

So all the races start together, are we on the same track? I suppose it is not a problem, because that starting crowd will thin out fast on a 4 mile circuit loop. You think so?

Yes. We’ll all start with a 100 yd run to our cycles, then the bikers take off and the crowd thins out. Plus, at least the last xmas-time version of this race, there were only 40 or 50 racers, so it’s not too huge.

I’m not certain about making this anymore :frowning:

None of my friends have a wheel larger than 20" and I have a feeling they won’t be too happy about the registration fee, early start time, and long drive.

I’ll talk it over with them though.

Bummer, dude.

I have an extra KH29, if any of your buds would be up for using that, and it will get them up here. Also, anyone who needs it, I can offer a place to crash the night before.

I can put up a few people as well. We’ve got 3 extra beds so if folks want to come up the night before, just let me know.

It would be great to have some more racers in the uni category. If for no other reason than to prank call Steve the night before so that he’s too tired to be a contender.

Damn, you kids are WHACK these days.

Race Director: here!!! Calling all unicyclists

hey everyone…stumbled on the forum! you all have to come! I made this catagory for you! the race is fun, and not tooo technical. it will be a blast. If the entry fee has you down, remember, we give great prizes, lots of eats, and well it is really worth it. Please come race and help us grow this catagory for other unicyclists and races future! see you there! heather

Just wanted to give this thread a bump. So far, it looks like steveyo and I are the only two in the unicycle category. At the risk of jeopardizing my lock on second place, I’d like to encourage any and all riders in the area to sign up for this event. Here’s the link

I’m pretty slow… so if you’re a beginner, don’t let the competition scare you. It’s all about the fun!!!

How was the race?

I backed out, but I see that Steve and Peter placed first and second respectively in the unicyclist class. Nice rolling!

Hope it was a great time. How were the trails after all the rain just a day before.