All hail the flip king!!!

Happy birthday shaun!!!


I guess he deserves two threads. One in RSU and one also in JC.

Once again. Happy Birthday man.


Happpy birthday mate, keep it coming

Happy Birthday man

happy birthday

flip flipper the flippest!!!

Keep 'm rolling, on the road and in the air!!!
happy BD man,
greetings from the Netherlands

Happy Birthday also from Germany and from the Crew

Keep on beeing unique !


Thanks to everyone for this thread. that seriously made my day. I was just thinking yesterday if I would ever get a thread about my birthday, lol. It’s wonderful thank you again. I’ll keep the footage and everything coming, and filming is going really well. Hope you all will enjoy the vid at the end of may.

-Shaun Johanneson

happy b-day sir

Happy Birthday Shaun!

happy b’day!!


happy b-day, shaun.

luv your movies. keep em comming

Happy Birthday Dude

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