All downhill from here!

In previous posts I’ve mentioned that as a beginner I found the best place
for me to learn to unicycle was down at a local boardwalk. I had handrails
on each side and the boarding had some give to it if I fell. (You see, I
had fallen on my tail-bone the first time out.)

Well, I was making good progress and then I’d miss going down to the
boardwalk for several days. Having to travel to a place to practice hurt
my progress.

Well I finally have been weened off of the boardwalk!!!

I can now go far enough more than 50 yards before I ‘come down’. I can
also ride over the gravel in my driveway and go over the bumps to get from
the driveway onto the road.

“Yea!!!” :slight_smile:

It’ll all be downhill from here! hehe

Christopher Grove

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