all "bc wheelers" thread

i want to start a bc wheel thread.
i am 13 and just orderd a deluxe bc wheel from bedford and want to know all i can know about bc wheels.start here…

Heres a good site, on how to ride the BC. How to ride a BC wheel.

I built one this weekend with pegs and I can see why it was originally called an Impossible Wheel. Holy crud, how do you ride it? How long did it take everyone to learn? I’m going to try to get some plates made. But till then I need help. My record is like 3 feet down a hill. I’ve tried the roll and jump technique but the pegs spin even though I have some “anti-spin system”. I tip my hat to all who can do it.


i thought of a way to learn.
get two people, one holds a rope abot 25’ long the other helps you get on then, once your on, grab hold of the rope and have the other person tow you and when you get to a desired speed than let go.

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I have never ridden one with pegs so I dont know how much harder it is but after my first day of practicing( with platforms) i was able to ride about 50 feet down my driveway. I would recommend practicing by holding on to 2 chairs or something like them and pushing off rather than trying a rolling mount right from the beginning.:smiley:

What are the measurements of your plates? Like the base and how far they drop from the axle. Also is the hole threaded and if not doesn’t it strip the axle thread? I’m getting some made and would like to know the best size. I’m thinking like 4" x 4" for the base but I still need to know the drop.

Man that was long winded.


Max is riding one here but have a look at Shaun Johanneson he is riding up/down curbs!

The drop on my BC is 5cm centre to centre - pic here

Though it looks like the drop on the Bedford BCs is longer (a longdrop).

The hole the axle goes through is not threaded and nor does it have to be - the axle and drops’ position is fixed and the hub (and rest of wheel) rotate about it.

A better way to learn BC wheel is to have another unicyclist or person on foot pull you. The unicyclist/puller rides backwards pulling you by the hand until you feel stable enough then let go. I can’t envisage the rope method being very successful as the hardest thing about the BC wheel is static mounting it. Using a helper for this stage would be better IMO.


Yo Imposso wheelos (spanish right?lol)
The impossible wheel took 2 days to get it and the third day to get it almost everytime. It’s a lot of fun, but can be really scary when getting going fast. (I know that’s bad english, lol) But yeah it’s rad. On the gallery Street/Freestyle you can see two clips that i did for hazard.

I LEARNED THE BC!!! yayya hip hip hory!

anybody got any tips on the roll/jump mount?

Get it rolling smoothly. What works for me is to hold it by the pegs/plates, give the wheel a spin, and then set it down very gently with a little push, to get it going in a straight line without the pegs/plates swinging around too much. This makes it much easier to jump on.

When you jump on, you have to have a measure of faith in your leap. Always be prepared to bail, but believe you are ready to ride when you land on it, and be firm. keep your body stiff for the first second, to make sure the wheel is positioned correctly underneath you. Then relax and move as needed to stay balanced.

Round pegs
This is when you try to use BMX pegs on the axle. Because they rotate with the axle, your feet tend to just roll right off them. Difficult? Yes. But I think of it more as bad design than something I’d want to ride. Anyone watching (an audience) will be no more impressed by riding that than by riding one with big plates.

It’s not impossible
Once again I’m trying to convince the world that “impossible” is a stupid name for something people learn in a day or two. This makes it easier than a regular unicycle was in the first place. BC is not the greatest name either, as the comic strip is not available everywhere, and people expect it to stand for something other than “before Christ.”

There was another thread where people were talking about what to name them. I came up with something there that I liked, but now I can’t remember what it was. Something like peg wheel or coasting wheel. How about a coasting wheel?

all i have now is a bmx wheel and pegs but i am ordering a deluxe bc from darren bedford.

i tried the rolling bount and fell face first on to one of the pegs giving me a small hepatoma and a sprained rist. but still reering to try is again

Re: Hey

Im from Spain but i didnt get that one, Whant do you mean???

In Spain we call those wheels: “Rueda Imposible” or even just “Impossible” like in english.

for ultimate wheels we use either “Rueda Última” or “Ultimate”.


Here I just call it a freewheel. Being it’s not direct drive and it’s only one wheel. Freewheel.

Why not just calling this a BC wheel and/or impossible wheel?
Then most unicyclists will know what you’re talkin 'bout.

bmx wheel & pegs

Doesn’t the wheel on the bmx setup just turn on the axle? Why do the pegs turn to make your feet roll off?

Re: bmx wheel & pegs

The pegs are fastened to the axle and that is free to spin independent of the wheel. I had a BC wheel with this setup and I always had this problem. On a BMX, the pegs don’t spin because they are cinched to the frame of the bike. On a pegged BC, there is nothing stopping the pegs from spinning.

When I told my brother it was called a BC wheel he said “What, before cranks?” I thought it was clever. I just call it a BC wheel. I got like 5 feet today on pegs and tomorrow I’m getting plates made. Fairly soon I’m getting some from Bedford.


no one wants a 10" bc wheel?