all arizona unicyclists!!!

Hey guys, i need some unicycling freinds. PM me with your style and city you live in. Hopefully we mught be able to meet sometime and go riding

I live in Sierra Vista (bottom right corner), but I don’t know where Peoria is.

My style of riding is to just mess around. Once I get a somewhat decent trials unicycle I’ll probably ride trials or street.

Oh yeah, you quadruple posted, too! :slight_smile:

danget… you live way over east… by new mexico , right?
i live by pheonix
thats too far
any more AZ unicyclists?

ARIZUNI is a Tempe/Mesa/Phoenix club run by Keith Williamson.

ok thanks. i didnt know there was a club in AZ

I’m not sure if Arizuni is meeting yet–they go on hiatus during the summer (and highs are still around 100). They’re a good bunch with a focus on freestyle, parade appearances, and more general riding.

We have a seperate group–not an official one, just a bunch of friends–that rides MUni multiple times a week. Typically we ride at South Mountain, although lately we’ve been trying some new trials. We visited Flagstaff a few times over the summer to escape the heat, too. We’ll probably start riding locally in earnest as soon as it cools off in a few weeks.

A few of us do trials, although not especially seriously. Personally, I enjoy MUni the most and am getting more into distance riding.

I’m in tucson arizona. I ride mostly trials and street seeing as I only have one extremely beat up summit trials cycle. But I really need some friends to practice with.

Happy birthday!!

Hey Ingo,

I’m spending the holiday season (end of Dec.) in Tucson. We have to hook up then. E-mail me at:


Ingo, are you going to the U of A next year?

thanks for the happy birthdays. No I’m going to pima college next for a little while I think. At least till I decide what I want.

Lol I love these forums. Ask a question having to do with unicycles. Get replies for birthdays and colleges! Love this