All about grinds.

haha, i just got pretty good at grinding…
it just practice. you got to hurt alot to get good.
grinding is a perfect example.

Why does Kris Holm have “Juggle508” and “danger_uni” ???

juggle508 is kelly hickman.

juggle508 is Kelly Hickman, dangeruni is Kris Holm. They both have the same initials…
Edit: beat me to it.



To those who have any tips on bluntsliding please turn your attention to this thread.

pele, From what i know of skateboard tricks, just jump from one side of the rail, to the other. Its be like dropping off something into a pedal grab, but on a rail. Front Blunts are just ride up on side a, then jump over onto side be and slide. back blunts are doing 180’s, and grinding backwards. I haven’t really ever grinded/ground (grammer?) a rail, nor do i have a rail to grind. I’m just giving my knowledge of what ive saw, mixed with knowledge of skating.

I know what they are, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips…

oh, sorry. I should have guess that considering your like a god of street compared to my weak 90 unispins lol.

All i’d say is try jump over something, and landing a pedal grab on the side, and fold a little to catch the rail more?

really, dont trust this lol. I know nothing about grinding.

Back blunts? I hope not. Has anyone done this yet on something not flat (flat is super easy to stick and a slide would come out of luck every so often)?

right… its just that is avatar has the kris holm sig and he signs it KH.

But now my next question is, why did shaun johanneson post in “unifreak7” and not “ShaunJohanneson”?

why not?

Back Blunt? 180 to bluntslide? Theres no way i’ll be getting that anytime soon…

BUT, I’ve been trying something else thats kind of the same thing. A Over-blunt variation :smiley: Basically what Zack Baldwin does in defect but throw a grind in it.

From one side of the rail (while grinding) to the other, but backwards? I might be thinking of the wrong thing though.

Nope, thats exactly it.

Hey. Im bumping this thread up. I was just at a skate park and I got a lot better at grinds, I now want to do them without biking 3 miles. There is no where around my town for low rails.

I am thinking about waxing up a wood plank and setting it on some stone slabs. The only problem with this is that I have little line up.
I was also thinking of putting one (another waxed wood plank) down a three set into grass so I could try tricks out of it and not kill myself.
I was also thinking of waxing up a wooden rail and using that somehow. How wood I go about waxing this up?

-Also I grind backfoot, will it be easier to flip into or out of a grind?
-When I was at the skate park I tried blunts but I only was able to tap the rail with my pedal, no slide. Any tips on geting a slide? should I do blunts to crank?
-last question- Should I sand down one side of my eastern plastics? I don’t care much for the grip left, will it help with the slide?

One of the coolest rails ever imo: 1:34

I think its harder to flip into and out of grinds on your backfoot. When you flip in, the pedal you grind on will reach its vertically down position in the last quarter turn of the wheel you have to hop at least the crank length above the ledge/rail assuming you don’t hop from the side and catch it in the air. When you flip out of grinds, if you are on your front foot you can just pull up on the handle and the wheel will naturally flip. Grinding on your back foot makes it easy to backflip out though.

You don’t need to sand down plastic pedals, just grind a ledge a few times and you will flatten it out pretty well.

If you watch one of my old vids where I flip onto a rail, my pedal hits the rail half way through the flip :stuck_out_tongue: Makes a cool sound.

Thanks Spencer! Now I just need to learn how to backflip :stuck_out_tongue:

Or grind fakie and fakieflip out :stuck_out_tongue: Feels so nice