Aliso Woods Aerial!

New Aerial Muni video, shot by Jordin Schmidt. Filmed 2/19/15 at Aliso Woods canyon, Aliso Viejo, CA. Rode my Nimbus Oregon w/26 x 4 fat tire! Also some aerial BC and 36er at the end. Hope you enjoy. :smiley:

Great vid! Drones are awesome for areal filming. If you don’t want to work with a pilot you can use the air dog

this drone can follow a wristwatch type of control automatically. The camera is pointed at the wristwatch controller automatically. It seems like a nice setup. I haven’t tried it myself though…

i like this showcase movie

That’s true, for lanscape trees-free ike this, the airdog is a neat solution.

Hey Terry, if you get one in your team, you can name it the flying-weezer :wink:

Fantastic video! You are taking it to the next level. Love the panoramic views. It really adds to the story of your rides. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create next. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks guys. @janvanhulzen: I’ve been following Airdog since it launched on kickstarter over a year ago. Still not available yet to the general public. They delayed shipping to those who pre-purchased, via kickstarter, to rework the electronics to include “ground collision avoidance”.